Saturday, July 31, 2010

In honor of Lammas:

In honor of my Sabbat of Lammas here in my home I am baking a fresh loaf of Banana Nut Bread, the Pecans in it were gathered from my Maternal Grandmother's home in Oklahoma in her front yard by the very trees where I sat many times as a child talking to my spirits My grandfather called them. I will be also enjoying a glass of beer tonite with my fresh slice as I offer some gift upon the Goddess and give my many thanks as well to the Gods.
I will be lighting a Gold candle as well, to give thanks for the Glory of the golden sun during these summer months before the Autumn Equinox.
"Brightest Blessings upon my home
Welcoming and growing under the Golden Gifts of the Sun
I call upon the Goddess who has thrice blessed my family and me...
With this ale I drink of her love, with this bread I taste the grains blessed from above
With my spirit I call forth her guidance, from this Gold candle I light I cast the way for others to seek her knowledge."
I am but her child here to walk and learn upon this earth
This is my blessing so mote it be
so mote it mote it be.


  1. Blessed Be and Merry Meet! A beautiful poetic sentiment for the first harvest of the wheel.

  2. Many thanks always Wendilea...)o(


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