Saturday, July 31, 2010

In honor of Lammas:

In honor of my Sabbat of Lammas here in my home I am baking a fresh loaf of Banana Nut Bread, the Pecans in it were gathered from my Maternal Grandmother's home in Oklahoma in her front yard by the very trees where I sat many times as a child talking to my spirits My grandfather called them. I will be also enjoying a glass of beer tonite with my fresh slice as I offer some gift upon the Goddess and give my many thanks as well to the Gods.
I will be lighting a Gold candle as well, to give thanks for the Glory of the golden sun during these summer months before the Autumn Equinox.
"Brightest Blessings upon my home
Welcoming and growing under the Golden Gifts of the Sun
I call upon the Goddess who has thrice blessed my family and me...
With this ale I drink of her love, with this bread I taste the grains blessed from above
With my spirit I call forth her guidance, from this Gold candle I light I cast the way for others to seek her knowledge."
I am but her child here to walk and learn upon this earth
This is my blessing so mote it be
so mote it mote it be.

Daily Tarot: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man + The Sacrifice of the Journey

The hanged man hangs not from his neck but upside down from one foot. He is in no real danger, just uncomfortable and in a precarious position that leaves him vulnerable.

Within the tarot he serves as a representation of a sacrifice...a choice one has to make between to sides, positions or a fork in the road so to speak. Whether for the good of others or for some future reason you may feel upside down or not yourself so to speak. Kind of like biding your time and waiting for that perfect spot to open up.

The hanged man requires a drastic change in perception or the way you view your problems, obstacles or issues in handling your situation or the other person. Then if taken that perspective your HUGE problem will seem so much more manageable and easy to complete.

Let the difficulties you face help create and build your character, this card deals with the bigger picture and long term. Its all about seeing the bigger picture, the wider truth and going beyond the petty small arguments or disagreements. Remember that TRUE sacrifice is made without worrying who wins what or who was right. Sometimes you have to act completely different in a situation that you normally would to reach the necessary effect or goals.

This card that I pulled today is really interesting for me to interpret. I have several things going on personally right now...issues with my daughter and of course I would go straight to her aid no matter what, but this issue...dictates that I actually LAY down the gauntlet and force her into doing what is right no matter what, which is not what I normally would require. This issue came up late last night which is funny that I drew this card today.

Then there is the argument I had with my fiance "THE TORCH" this morning...over stupid stuff as always in most fights. I haven't had a day off in forever, I am stressed and I thought we were on same page on one thing and then BOOM I realize we weren't and I got upset and went off. I really don't want to go into details but we both had some valid points. So, normally I would be very angry all day, but now...I am going to look at it from his perspective and cut him some slack. I will think very hard today on what all this card entails for me for the situations at hand now and in the future. I only wanna hang here for a little while...LOL.

Brightest Blessings )o(

Friday, July 30, 2010

Daily Tarot: Justice Card

Justice: Balancing the scales & responsibility of the Journey
This is one of those cards that are Major Arcana cards it is one of the many cards in this group that indicate personal journey for the individual. There are many ways to interpret these set of cards within your deck.
This JUSTICE card represents taking responsibility for your decisions and actions. There are two main lessons with this card of justice....1st you are responsible for your actions, 2nd what comes around goes around.
Those who pray for justice don't have alot of knowledge of the ancient Vedic laws of Karma-for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Today, Justice is one of our society's highest ideals. It demands we seek fairness on behalf of all citizens and help our victims and most have the ideal to punish evildoers and to protect ourselves and our loved ones against such actions that would cause them harm or malice.
Yet the ironic part of this is that justice is given by HUMANS who are not perfect, who make mistakes and do wrong. So, that can hinder the very justice they seek.
The Balance of perfect Justice represents is the ideal Balance. The double edged sword she holds is the reality.
The appearance of this card in a spread is a positive indicator of a law related issue. It could represent a favourable outcome in a judgement or legal case. However, it could also be relating to the relationship between cause and effect.
I drew this card early this morning and Whenever my fiance's Grandmother passed away I had a few HUMAN thoughts go through my head pertaining to how she was being taken advantage by a family member that was a drug abuser/seeker this person had been swindling her out her necessary prescription medications and possibly some of her money. So, when she did pass away, of course I was grieving I have known her since I was a child and the loss in the family is huge but in some small human part of my mind I was relieved I thought to myself...GOOD, now Pill Popper can't get any more drugs or money from this poor woman. Isn't that awful? Then I drew this card, I hope its telling me...she will get her justice Or maybe it was telling me that the scales will soon be balanced or are balancing as we speak.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Angelica Plant:

The Angelica Plant is said to have Magickal elements because it is supposed to protect against sickness and evil. Its dried roots was supposedly named after Archangel Michael for these very reasons.
Also it is noted that if burned like an incense it will cleanse the air of bad smells and malevolent spirits.

One can also Brew it and sip it like a tea its known for Leo the Lions' fiery zodiac due to its warming and stimulating effect when its leaves are either chewed or brewed. (Please avoid during pregnancy)

There are times you may have used this plant in a candied form while decorating cakes or desserts.

There are many times a week and even closer to Sabbats of the Wiccan Year that I try to implement items from my home, garden or environment to give back, to utilize and learn about.

This is one of those plants. I planted some herbs this past spring and they are growing in my kitchen windowsill from Angelica to Basil to Thyme to Sage. Its lovely and I am keeping so many small goals not only using them in my cooking and brewing but to use them during blessings/rituals. I hope many of you are managing the things you want in your daily lives and using them how you see fit.
Brightest Blessings during this Lammas....)o(

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Earth the Air the Fire the water(witcheschant)

Daily Tarot: Knight of Pentacles

Knight + Prince + Brother + Son

Time + Hot High Noon

Season + Middle of Summer

Think on the progression through the courts, Page...think about it, Knight....Act on it, Queen...feel it fully, King...become it.

In a reading the Knight can indicate a man/or woman, a foreboding action or a necessary action another person might take. Or a part of your will that needs work.

Elemental consider that Wands and swords are seen as male, Cups and Coins are seen as female.

The knights of wands is seen as leaving while the cups is seen as staying. Swords is charging ahead recklessly while coins is taking his time being slow and cautious. While sometimes the knights may go a little crazy and make mistakes, they always have good intentions because they are noble and earnest. They take criticism well. They are eager to learn and do what is right. They complete their tasks quickly and swiftly.

Knight of Coins/Pentacles:

Fire of Earth

This knight is cautious and steady of all the knights. He is more balanced than that of the page. He is able to look at the whole picture and weigh the odds in each angle. He also has steady gaze to realize the goal and how to reach the potential he needs. He knows he must be thrifty, use his energy wisely and yield successful results.

I think this card I drew earlier today has been telling me to slow down, think things through in every aspect that pertains to myself. I am extremely intelligent and studious in all I attempt to achieve. With my new promotion at work to keep an eye on details, follow through...sort of...SLOW AND STEADY wins the race. I will remember this lesson and work on myself and my focus to get to my goals.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Me and My Catholic Boy....

I wanted to include something personal on here and share because yesterday my sweetie lost his Grandmother.

We have known each other since Junior High School and we really never dated but I knew his sisters and swam at his house multiple times growing up. I had a huge crush on him. LOL

Then, after High School we parted ways, he married and divorced and then remarried and divorced.

I married another guy I dated since 9th grade and we were married about 18 years together 22 years. It did not work but from the experience I got two amazing beautiful kiddos out of it and lots of memories. I thought the divorce was the hardest thing I'd ever go through I was wrong.

The hardest thing I have gone through to date is the fear I have of my new relationship with my fiance' not working. I have alot of baggage left over from the first marriage and lots of self esteem issues I am currently working on improving.

This has been a huge personal journey as well as a spiritual one.

I am sixth generation Wiccan Kitchen Witch.

I love who I am and who I will yet become, I want to learn to appreciate all of my many flaws and imperfections.

All in all I am very blessed to have found such a love the second time around. Trust me, we have our ups and downs we have been together 3 years and engaged for one year so far. He accepts me, my altar and my witchy ways. He loves my 20 year old and my 18 year old. He laughs at my insane family who adores him and doesn't seem to have scared him off yet.

I am truly blessed.

As far as my ex husband he was a good man a good father and he is now remarried to an insane woman he only knew for 4 months before they were married. She has severe issues according to my Ex mother-in-law...(I still have an amazing relationship with her) The biggest issue I have with the new wife is her envious, ugly attitude about me. I left...moved on, she absolutely hates me. Normally it wouldn't be a huge deal, but she took it out on my two teenagers...needless to say it has put a huge DENT in their relationship with their father. That is sad really. They love him and need him but he can't seem to recognize this issue they have about her.

I hope for their sakes she can step the hell back and keep her mouth shut.

there...I thought it and I said it! LOL

How is that for grasping the "Evil Twin" in myself today! Boo-Yaw! LOL

Ok...I feel sorta bad but any who...for all those out there starting over or just working on yourselves...welcome I am right here with you!

Brightest Blessings and thanks for listening to my rant...Merry Meet! )o(

Daily Tarot: The Moon card

The Moon:

Season + Winter Solstice

Time + Witching hour

The real wonder of the tarot deck is a type of self discovery, a spiritual journey inward of one's inner most thoughts, desires and secrets. This card is of the Major Arcana cards...
They reveal ourselves from the stumbling Fool, through to the wise Hermit and ending with the options of the gifts of the World.

The Moon card is part of this important journey into self discovery and self acceptance.
For you can't have Light without Dark, you can't have Happiness without Sadness, Truth without Lies, Good without Evil.

It is but a scale a balancing scales just like my zodiac Libra the Scales.
I have worked very hard to grasp the points in my life that are positive, uplifting and moving ever forward and even one of my very best friends refers to me as the person in the rose colored glasses.

When I drew this beautiful amazing card this morning...I thought on it for awhile...noticed the pool of emotion and its reflection in my life and thoughts, saw myself as two people, the white, spiritually uplifting person I try to attain and become then I saw my darker, emotional, sometimes depressed, lonely individual with my woes and sadness that sometimes manages to envelope myself.
That persona that part of me I tend to keep hidden away and avoid, but even at my darkest hours I realize that she is a HUGE part of my strengths and my creativity. She is the emotion I find within myself to drive myself forward and excel and change to what is required.

I think my cards are trying to show me to work with my shadow self, face and accept my "Evil" twin so to speak. Listen to that little voice in my head that says things I don't want to hear that tries to open my eyes to the reality as a whole. Its the Queen Bitch that isn't liked but revered, respected and followed sometimes to bigger and better opportunities.
The first intention in any spiritual pursuit is to seek the light and to do good, but once you have begun you start realizing that it is the rythm of duality that you must embrace to understand its cycles and movements within all life and energies.
Birth>Death, Embrace>Deny it is but an ever changing circle pattern within us all.

It is not the cards that are wrong or incorrect but it is the duty of the interpretation or interpreter to gather the information the cards have dealt and put them accordingly to how you deem the information pivotal or necessary.

I have always hated the thought of reading my cards for ME...because I was afraid I would SEE what I wanted to see or interpret them how I needed them to be for me. What is interesting is the more I delve into my daily card tarot readings, the more I am breaking them down...really thinking on them for 24 hours and realizing its not what I WANT to see but what they truly are guiding me to realize.
They can't predict the future...they can advise me of my options and those are there with or without my cards. They just give me further knowledge to help me along my path. Again, this is just my personal opinion, just my beliefs please you are free to tell me your ideas on this as well. I love so many ideas and opinions and I welcome yours.

One can use these cards to help guide, manifest/banish elements from your life and help change your life based upon your decisions or guidance.
When you are working with these energies be sure that you have Clear intent, without a clear goal, you can end up getting rid of the very thing you are trying to fix or that is trying to call to you or strengthening the very thing you are trying to remove.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hail Queen Hatshepsut

Today I just wanted to celebrate the first female pharaoh of ancient Egypt she was born on July 27.
She was the daughter of Thutmose I, she effectively governed Egypt after her fathers death. She had herself crowned Maatkare Hatshepsut in around 1473 BC.
Although later, her nephew destroyed many of her monuments and records those that survived represent this "Builder" Pharaoh as being authoritative and powerful as any man. (even to the point of her often being portrayed with masculine characteristics).

This is a solar, fire-element day so light a candle to honor remarkable achievements of Hatshepsut.
The English translation of her name: "First Distinguished Women, Joined with Amun."

I love Egypt and in fact it is primarily the pantheon from which I draw many strengths or power that I need for myself from. I have the book..."The Wicca book of Days" by Selena Eilidh Ash

I find many interesting points like this one from it and it keeps me on a sort of daily routine to just find the female power or strength within myself and some small tidbit on small things to focus myself upon.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Ace of Cups

Well, unfortunately I missed my daily tarot reading due to the fact that I am human. So, moving ever forward I came down early today admist a cup of hot tea and honey I drew another card for today and behold it was the Ace of Cups!
Ace + Birth
Cups + Water + Emotion
The cups cards show up in readings where issues at stake pertain mainly to emotions, feelings and relationships. The energies in this suit relate to water and water flows it is dynamic, changeable and it cleanses and heals.
Season + Autumn
Direction + West
Time + Beginning
The appearance of the Ace could represent stirrings of new emotions or relationships. Then again, the new relationship could represent just a change in yourself. Let your happiness be your first consideration is what it could be trying to tell you.
Let the Ace encourage you to do what makes YOU feel good or what you feel is RIGHT for you.
I find this very important to me at this stage... my new relationships at work hence my career changing and the fact that it is probably showing me my new found strengths in my spiritual endeavors on my path of trying to get a better bonding with my cards. Its interesting here how no matter the card it tends to circle around together with me as the KEY aspect here. It is not the cards that are right or wrong it is the interpretation and what they represent to ME.
I actually look forward to each day and what I will pull and how I will focus it into my daily routine and life.
I am such a Goddess!
Brightest Blessings all...)o(

Monday, July 26, 2010

Making a Difference in the smallest ways...

Funny how you start out in the beginning of a day off, thinking how you'd like to spend it...relaxing, catching up and just BEING.
I had intended on spending some quality "Me" time and some useful delegating of my latest responsiblities to further my youngest of 18 into getting final details ready for his return to school for his SENIOR year.
My phone rang...I got called back to work for a last minute shift change and to be a team player and help out as needed.
The thoughts ran through my head to say "NO" but then, with the latest approval from my District Manager in furthering me up the career ladder I went ahead and went in. But you know, I got there and the four of pentacles sang my praises and so did both of my supervisors...and my mood although not thrilled to be there, improved. I got out a bit early, was very productive and a huge...I mean HUGE team player.
I had a smile on my face when I left, secure in my position with raises on the way and managed to get a few simple errands done as well with my son. All in All I think the week has begun really well and I still get the next two days off, fingers crossed.
I would have loved to visit this lake that I go to sometimes to think, recollect and meditate it wasn't in the cards for me today and I'd like to think I made the most of it anyhow.
Sometimes, it isn't the outcome but how we handle ourselves getting to the end of our day. I am truly blessed and even after all this I can smile and feel such pride in myself. It's the littlest things that count and today, I made such a difference.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full Moon & a smile & a blessing:

As the day today drew nearer, I waited felt the calling back towards my spiritual endeavors and I actually acted upon them. I feel very strong, satisfied and powerful today. I am WOMAN hear me ROAR!

I have woke up today feel charged, excited and smiling non-stop it is amazing the smallest shift into spending more ME time and gathering knowledge then so many aspects of my life in all areas aligned. It was uncanny to watch the trickle down effect it had on me and my family around me.

At work tonite under the beautiful silvery moon I shall raise my heathen face up to grasp in the beauty of her loveliness at work and breathe in deeply. Then, I shall sing her praises all night homeward bound in my car with my windows down and her light cascading all around my lovely dark locks. When I enter my home I shall light some small token of offering to her and give many thanks for my journey to this point and welcome her to all aspects of my life.

I intend on celebrating the WILD WOMAN within me tonite. Loved that book: Magick for the Wild Woman by Marian Singer

Brightest Blessings to all )o(

Six of Wands...Day 6

6 + Resolution

Wands + Fire + Passion

Job, Career, Passion, Willpower, action, love, strength, truth and justice- any area that relates to Fire.

Season-Summer, Time-High Noon, Direction-South

this card represents....Congratulations!

It means victory is yours. You have won that power struggle and can now be open to positive communication. Be ready to get good news and act upon it. Graciously accept praise that is well deserved and accept it with a "Thank you" instead of a "Think nothing of it".
Appreciate your own worth and value and expect others to do the same.

Six sides, six angles make up the hexagon. When struggling with the 5's take six deep breaths and look at your problem from six different angles. Imagine six different resolutions no matter how unsolvable the situation may seem. Consider the sixth chakra is your "Third Eye" the core of your psychic vision as well as the mind and all the functions of the brain and head.

6th Chakra or Third Eye:

color purple- eyes, head, brain, intuition, mind, intellect & imagination.

Gaining knowledge of the Seven Chakras or energy centres of the body is a great way to learn more about yourself and to understand what is going on in your life.

I have really had so much going on lately and swimming through my mind has almost felt too cluttered. I work late nights right now and when I get home and climb into bed between takes me sooo long to wind down and clear my mind. Also with this being the sixth day, pulling a #6 card the Wands that represents my job and my self esteem...they do ride hand in hand and of all days to get this on a full moon when I have been steadily going upward and feeling a lot stronger is impressive. :)
I love researching these cards....going by how they represent themselves to me as I draw one from my beautiful deck. I feel very strong, beautiful, talented and resourceful.
So, as I move forward and get to some amazing point during this section of my journey I will be relaxing a bit, nodding my head and graciously accepting the praise that comes my way that is well deserved.
Brightest Blessings all.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

That Witchy Feeling

There are sooo many lovely, inspirational, crafty & knowledgeable blogs out there. I leap from one to the other and I ohhhhhh and I ahhhhh. It is really strange, I have so many ideas, stories and bits & pieces to share as well. What I do find inspiring is the thrill I get and the excitement we all seem to share in the craft on our own spiritual journeys/quest/paths.
As I sit here in front of my glowing screen each night after work slowly unwinding and thinking of which Witch/Wiccan/Herbal/Tarot book I want to dive into only to realize I am already reading three at my nightstand table I get a sly smile across my face. Its comforting to me to know there are so many talented people out there with so much to offer as well.
Then I move toward my lovely black Altar Ar moire and open the doors pull out my incense and candle baskets....light some lovely lights and then wait as the air slowly begins to ooze that lovely scent that I many options there in my baskets. Then I work with my tarot, pull out a few herbs and just wait, wait for that moment to hit that I have where I get this feeling of what I want to do or say or create.
It is imagination, it is instinct, it is knowledge, it is creative, it is MAGICK.
I look forward to meeting each and every one of you that brush past me in motion. I welcome your advice, your knowledge your energy.
May the Goddess bless you along your path whatever it may be and wherever it may lead.
)o( Brightest Blessings...

Four of Pentacles, Day Five:

Pentacles + Coins + Earth + Physicality

Cards that belong to the Coins suit relate to home, health, money, basic survival, prosperity, accomplishments and the energies of greed.
The element represented here is Earth and all that is associated with it that is solid, stable and reliable.The Story related by the coins cards could be a new job or a physical endeavor.
The Season is WINTER, the time is Midnight and the direction is NORTH.

This card puts the spotlight on possessiveness and reveals the way you relate to your possessions. Do you take good care of them? Are you willing to share them?This card is about getting more or having more than you truly need. Which of course is fine in times of plenty, it is also an important notice to NOT treat people as possessions.
The number 4 also indicates BALANCE for FOUR is a quartet, a fourfold path to freedom.

I find this card interesting given the new movements within my career over the past few days. Also the FOUR here along with the pentacles. I do feel secure right now and am thinking of ways to hold $$ back to plan ahead and hermit away so to speak. Maybe this card is telling me...enjoy it...breathe will be fine. I will meditate and think further on what this card is trying to tell me.
)o( Brightest Blessings All...

Merry Meet:

Of all the strangest things....a few Wiccans'/Eclectics have crossed my path as of late. Of course here in this small Christian town its rare. Let alone to meet Three that would recognize my pentacle for what it is and comment on it while wearing theirs just as proudly. I must say it was wonderful. To smile at someone who is just as open minded as myself and kind about my choice of beliefs and on a similar path as I am. I would like to think of it as a gift from The wonderful Goddess that encompasses and surrounds us all.
Even I go thru this journey once in awhile feeling all alone, trying to feed that hunger of knowledge and self empowerment it can be difficult at times. Then not once, not twice but three times this week before the lovely silvery full moon is at her most bountiful moment she guided three to stop and talk with me a moment along my Solitary journey. It made me smile and realize how one moment, one glance, one small acknowledgement can move your heart and bring some hope and joy. I wish others no matter their beliefs, their knowledge, their quest to get that small nudge in the right direction or that small push to know that they have the passion to go forward into whatever dark abyss and move even one ounce in the direction they deem necessary. To all the fellow light bringers and my three timely comrades "Merry Meet and safe passage along your quest/journey this lovely night". You are not alone and thank you for reminding that I am not either.
)o( Brightest Blessings

Friday, July 23, 2010

Five of wands

Day Four: Drew Five of Wands
This card represents CHALLENGE
Wands + Fire + Passion
Again this suit is more likely to be geared towards areas of your life that are touched by passion, intuition, willpower, action the yang principle, love & strength, truth and justice. Any area that relates to FIRE. You might see it relating to your job, career along with relationships, season here is summer, time of high noon (like the gunslingers of the old west) and direction North...(like going up) and usually pertains to GUT instinct.
This card brings with it notions of healthy competition, constructive criticisim and enjoyable debate. It invites me to test my power, will and skil in competition with others. Cooperation here is the key. Expand myself to accomodate others and view past what I want or wish or am thinking to view from their points of view. No right or wrong answer here....just a chance to move forward in ANY direction I choose.
I find this card interesting....not only is it a wand...which means alot to me because of how my Career is progressing and changing the dynamics now in front of me as we speak, but because of some of the personal strife I am having at the moment within my personal significant close friend.
It truly is a sign...I will watch..wait and get ready to debate. But of course all the while...listening to the other side as well.
Bring it on! I am ready....well as ready as I will ever be! LOL

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3.. Nine of Pentacles

Day Three:

Pentacle suit:coins....Earth...Physicality

These cards belonging to the Coins relate to Home, health, money, basic survival, prosperity, accomplishments. The element here is Earth which is associated with all that is solid, stable and reliable. These cards could repesent a new job, or a physical endeavour. The season is winter, the time is midnight and the direction is NORTH.

The Nine of pentacles represents the rewards of choices and work. It can also be taken as an instruction to make sound choices, such as saving regularly and living modestly so that you can live free from financial worries and enjoy your retirement.
what this means to me:

I just got recognized in my place of work for my talents, skill and hard work. Nine is my LUCKY number and the woman on the card is enjoying her fruits of her labor and skills. She is enjoying reaping her benefits and admiring her hard work. I am on the right path and I am going where I am meant to go. This hasn't been an easy road for me and its been alot of hard work....but in the end it will be worth the effort. Yay! Great card I pulled today and very appropriate the cards and the interpretation are going well together...hand in hand. I love my Deck.
Brightest Blessings:)o(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Close to another lovely full moon...

Well I am close to yet another full moon. I can't wait...I am sure its one of the reasons I feel my energy revamping and my instincts like they are rolling forward with so much power and self confidence.

I lit a few sticks of incense today to enhance the air in my home and give a small token of thanks thru the air to the Goddess. My kitchen was full of so many wonderful aromas...from Coffee that I was brewing, to the Cheesy Cassarole that was in my oven bubbling wildly, to the Butt Naked incense as it wafted around the hearth of my home smelling the aromas as they brought forth the elements around me it allowed so many ideas and thoughts into my lovely, witchy head.

Right this phase of the moon and her lunar powers...I feel charged...ready to leap into anything while my tarot cards are laying smack in front of me leading the way. For once in a LONG LONG time I feel like I am really making ground on this path of mine and the landscape is finally changing and my destination is creeping a little closer on this spiritual journey of mine.

I read a quote yesterday from a book that a dear friend bought me on one of our many excursions to the used book/spiritual/new age section at Hastings:

The book...The Giant Book of Card Divination (I love it) by Jeanne Ruland

and I quote:

"Whenever you are sad, disheartened or discouraged, you will find a safe cure in doing something Magick" by Douglas Monroe

This made me smile and spoke volumes in how I was feeling.

There are those times...when what you hear or what you read speaks to your soul this was one of those times for me it was as if while reading it...I felt a CLICK go off and it rang true to me.

So, while sitting here...brewing, bubbling in my cauldron and igniting the air around me with wonderful, igniting smells waiting on the lunar possiblities within myself to be shining all around my nocturnal world as the Goddess lights up the darkest aspects within myself with her shining silver lights...I will be meditating, grounding and getting ready for the journey to delve deeper...and yet reveal more knowledge that I have to grasp. For Knowledge is Power...

I am dust off my altar and prepare to cleanse and bless more items for future use. May the Goddess bless you along your journey as well. Brightest Blessings.

Day 2: Three of Wands....

The weight of the two now ventures outward in exploration. Whether its my relationship, career or my personal power that is in question.The 3 of wands generally means that I must keep to my quest....follow my path.There is more out there to be found.Explore the great unknown, reach beyond my present boundaries and look for clues.My higher power will illuminate the signposts.

Wands tend to indicate: Fire & Passion
These areas tend to be Passion, willpower, intuition, action and love, strength or could releate to job or career....these things that generally require a PERSONAL boost if you will.

I am excited second day (the twos here) represented by the 3 of wands. Hmmmmm....I am on the right path, but of course that i already knew. This search for a higher understanding of my cards and a better connection with them for myself. Is being represented here...this is the right thing for me to do for myself right now. Besides...I LOVE THREES!
I will think on this all day today and watch and learn. Brightest Blessings to each of you. ^^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new found STRENGTH...

I have been wrestling with so much within myself lately. I have been overwhelmed and simply trying to avoid what has been lacking in my life, spiritually, emotionally, socially. I realized this past week....I need a connection within myself again. Simply stating my thanks to the Goddess and muttering as I hurridly streak past my family a few simple isn't enough. It hasn't been enough. So, after some meditation and a FEW days of laying around....oozing my negativity out thru my snoring...LOL I have realized I need to get back to my tarot.

So today, I have started my Daily Tarot card pull: Strength

How interesting that on this new adventure that through all of my personal battles lately. I pull the Strength card. It means so much to me. I will have all day to interpret, linger, study and formulate its exact meaning.

However, I just pulled up a few extra links for it...

This is just one of many. Its not that I agree or disagree I just found it interesting. I wish you all well and many blessings upon your journey.