Friday, July 30, 2010

Angelica Plant:

The Angelica Plant is said to have Magickal elements because it is supposed to protect against sickness and evil. Its dried roots was supposedly named after Archangel Michael for these very reasons.
Also it is noted that if burned like an incense it will cleanse the air of bad smells and malevolent spirits.

One can also Brew it and sip it like a tea its known for Leo the Lions' fiery zodiac due to its warming and stimulating effect when its leaves are either chewed or brewed. (Please avoid during pregnancy)

There are times you may have used this plant in a candied form while decorating cakes or desserts.

There are many times a week and even closer to Sabbats of the Wiccan Year that I try to implement items from my home, garden or environment to give back, to utilize and learn about.

This is one of those plants. I planted some herbs this past spring and they are growing in my kitchen windowsill from Angelica to Basil to Thyme to Sage. Its lovely and I am keeping so many small goals not only using them in my cooking and brewing but to use them during blessings/rituals. I hope many of you are managing the things you want in your daily lives and using them how you see fit.
Brightest Blessings during this Lammas....)o(

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