Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 2: Three of Wands....

The weight of the two now ventures outward in exploration. Whether its my relationship, career or my personal power that is in question.The 3 of wands generally means that I must keep to my quest....follow my path.There is more out there to be found.Explore the great unknown, reach beyond my present boundaries and look for clues.My higher power will illuminate the signposts.

Wands tend to indicate: Fire & Passion
These areas tend to be Passion, willpower, intuition, action and love, strength or could releate to job or career....these things that generally require a PERSONAL boost if you will.

I am excited second day (the twos here) represented by the 3 of wands. Hmmmmm....I am on the right path, but of course that i already knew. This search for a higher understanding of my cards and a better connection with them for myself. Is being represented here...this is the right thing for me to do for myself right now. Besides...I LOVE THREES!
I will think on this all day today and watch and learn. Brightest Blessings to each of you. ^^

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