Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ace of Cups

Well, unfortunately I missed my daily tarot reading due to the fact that I am human. So, moving ever forward I came down early today admist a cup of hot tea and honey I drew another card for today and behold it was the Ace of Cups!
Ace + Birth
Cups + Water + Emotion
The cups cards show up in readings where issues at stake pertain mainly to emotions, feelings and relationships. The energies in this suit relate to water and water flows it is dynamic, changeable and it cleanses and heals.
Season + Autumn
Direction + West
Time + Beginning
The appearance of the Ace could represent stirrings of new emotions or relationships. Then again, the new relationship could represent you...be just a change in yourself. Let your happiness be your first consideration is what it could be trying to tell you.
Let the Ace encourage you to do what makes YOU feel good or what you feel is RIGHT for you.
I find this very important to me at this stage... my new relationships at work hence my career changing and the fact that it is probably showing me my new found strengths in my spiritual endeavors on my path of trying to get a better bonding with my cards. Its interesting here how no matter the card it tends to circle around together with me as the KEY aspect here. It is not the cards that are right or wrong it is the interpretation and what they represent to ME.
I actually look forward to each day and what I will pull and how I will focus it into my daily routine and life.
I am such a Goddess!
Brightest Blessings all...)o(

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