Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Close to another lovely full moon...

Well I am close to yet another full moon. I can't wait...I am sure its one of the reasons I feel my energy revamping and my instincts like they are rolling forward with so much power and self confidence.

I lit a few sticks of incense today to enhance the air in my home and give a small token of thanks thru the air to the Goddess. My kitchen was full of so many wonderful aromas...from Coffee that I was brewing, to the Cheesy Cassarole that was in my oven bubbling wildly, to the Butt Naked incense as it wafted around the hearth of my home smelling the aromas as they brought forth the elements around me it allowed so many ideas and thoughts into my lovely, witchy head.

Right this phase of the moon and her lunar powers...I feel charged...ready to leap into anything while my tarot cards are laying smack in front of me leading the way. For once in a LONG LONG time I feel like I am really making ground on this path of mine and the landscape is finally changing and my destination is creeping a little closer on this spiritual journey of mine.

I read a quote yesterday from a book that a dear friend bought me on one of our many excursions to the used book/spiritual/new age section at Hastings:

The book...The Giant Book of Card Divination (I love it) by Jeanne Ruland

and I quote:

"Whenever you are sad, disheartened or discouraged, you will find a safe cure in doing something Magick" by Douglas Monroe

This made me smile and spoke volumes in how I was feeling.

There are those times...when what you hear or what you read speaks to your soul this was one of those times for me it was as if while reading it...I felt a CLICK go off and it rang true to me.

So, while sitting here...brewing, bubbling in my cauldron and igniting the air around me with wonderful, igniting smells waiting on the lunar possiblities within myself to be shining all around my nocturnal world as the Goddess lights up the darkest aspects within myself with her shining silver lights...I will be meditating, grounding and getting ready for the journey to delve deeper...and yet reveal more knowledge that I have to grasp. For Knowledge is Power...

I am dust off my altar and prepare to cleanse and bless more items for future use. May the Goddess bless you along your journey as well. Brightest Blessings.

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