Sunday, September 26, 2010

Merry Mabon

Sept. 21st

Mabon/Autumn Equinox

Its about crops being harvested, light & dark again coming into balance. Witches sometimes put fruit of the season on their altars, baked breads, pies and work their magick to balance imbalances.
It is thought here is when the God sleeps in the womb of the Goddess waiting to be reborn again with a new season.
Mabon is sacred to the Celtic God Mabon, a son of light, son of the mother Goddess Modron.

I thought it very interesting to note here, not only is my favorite season Autumn, due to the lovely temperatures, foliage colors and family gatherings giving thanks. But this past weekend when I was on my "Girls' Get away" I took by chance a spell with me to perform as a Blessing, a spell to balance some imbalances for me and my personal issues. I did this without even thinking of Mabon, funny how that worked isn't it?
Here I am just practicing the craft I love, casting the Blessings I wrote and looking for that harmony again in my routines and daily life then I get home...really notice the Dates and think...OH magickally I was guided and how intricate the spokes of the wheel turn all coordinating together and some how reaching that desired location or effect that manage to balance each other along the path. I am truly blessed & I am grateful that along the way I take time to notice, really notice the gifts from the Gods/desses that stick out and show me...I am right where I belong within myself and my environment.
Brightest Blessings all, may you too balance the imbalances in your life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Meditating is one of the most wonderful things you can commit to doing for YOURSELF.
It is supposed to help quiet the mind, focus on your breathing and you.
In such a hectic enviroment and routines mediation can be done anywhere at any time it requires absolutely nothing but you and calm.
There are a ton of links that are available from beginners to experts depending on your level. With all of the focus about you and your breathing. You can do a simple breathe meditation, candle meditation, anything works or goes depending all upon your comfort levels and knowledge. There is no right or wrong here. It is about connecting with yourself, your journey or nothing at all just slowing down and relishing the moment. I meditate off and on, I do better personally when I have meditated that week or lately. I sometimes go nowhere but benefit from the calm, grounding & centering myself. Then there are meditations when I go EVERYWHERE the best when I start out in a grayish cloud filled room, I think of it as my mind....then i whisp through it into a forest...with beautiful dark trees and a path...I am in a linen robe set that is creme coloured and bare feet with my hands out at my sides feeling the lush foliage as I slowly proceed upon the path...bare feet on the crisp, cool dirt...up ahead I reach a clearing...with what seems to be wheat grass? its about waist tall and is a gorgeous gold and sways when I walk past then feeling the sun on my face and beautiful blues above my head i move ever forward yet, into the clearing is a gazebo...old woods yet...very beautiful and is there I speak with someone I believe to be my spirit guide...that will remain personal...but mainly this is my JOURNEY mediation I call it...sometimes there is dark and stars, sometimes it is foggy but each time it is breathtaking, calm and surreal. I love it and it moves me. Every once in awhile I hit a meditation that is like flying above the beautiful green canopies...and snakelike, winding streams below..sun on my back and my eyes soaking it all in. I hope each of you take some time this week and meditate yourself....spend some true "ME" time. If you have never meditated...try it...find a calm, quiet place...use no clock...light a candle or some incense...if this doesn't work...try a guided CD to help or take a hot bath and relax....or as you are lying in bed about bed time...just try not to fall asleep...LOL.
You are the most are the heart of the home and you deserve the ME factor.
YOU are worth it.
Here is a few ideas:
maybe this will help and answer a few questions....

My daily saga...

My Magick Everywhere:

That seems to be as of late, one hand grabbing my scarf as I try not to choke myself with it flying out the side door grabbing my keys and thinking...CRAP! When I notice the full blossoming beauty of the gorgeous silver full moon above my head...Yes, my schedule begins around 2:30AM and then I am at work, bowing out from my routine as I take a moment to utter a few words and lift my chin to her beauty and feel....Half as myself. Then I race back in to the rat race and start clamouring with my daily saga.

My Birthday is this month I am yet a true Libra through and through...Upbeat, funny, inspiring, outgoing, people pleaser. As my lovely best friend the Aquarius says...I should really take off my rose coloured glasses and see the crap people put on me.

I don't think I will. I see what is out there, trust me, my glasses don't cover my eyes as a whole. But I do like to see the potential in some one's soul...the person they ASPIRE to become. That is so much to breathe in, to grasp and I love it. As I like to think as my personal mantra..."There is Magick Everywhere just waiting to be spotted". Please understand too, my BF she is only watching out for me...protecting me. LOL Every once in awhile I see her, hiding her rose coloured glasses deep inside her purse...but I know she has them. :)

Speaking of her...she took me on a lovely, blessed retreat for girls only to a rustic cabin deep into the Ozark forest in Arkansas and we had this gorgeous view ...350 degree gorgeous view of the Ozarks....I of course hated the millions of daddy long legs crawling EVERYWHERE! Other than that and the KILLER ants it was JUST what the Medicine Woman ordered. LOL

Sorry about the critters, its kind of a running joke between her and I now. We also had a raccoon that aspired to be a car thief...his prints all over her trunk and back of the car, a bunny right up to our porch inspecting us during our unpacking phase, a grasshopper that decided to take a 10 mile ride on our windshield, what a surfer man!

The point is...we stopped...we listened and noticed EVERYTHING. No TV, no distractions and we played it by ear, no clocks, no schedules, we did blessings, we drank some amazing wine and took a late night stroll w/flashlights in hand and wind in hair to see the moon in all her glory by the bluffs. We drove into Eureka Springs, AR as well and got some amazing trinkets for ourselves...a glass pen with inkwells...candles...more tarot cards...a new pendulum...some new crystals...some sweet grass...a polished river rock from a local stream...some new amazing scents of incense. And during all of this...we found ourselves, unleashed some really pent up emotion and energies, rekindled our bond between us and came back even more empowered and full of new magick. I am truly sorry I haven't posted in awhile, funny how life sometimes gets in the way, but what I did realize is its all ABOUT LIFE. I will make it a point to post at least once a week. It is MY therapy and its free and followed by so many lovely upbeat comments, boosts and just plain old support and in my neck of the woods, that is what counts. I hope all are well and lovely. Glad to be back my friends. Thrilled to have had such an amazing Birthday due to such a Wonderful Friend. By the Fiance...the Torch...has gotten me a KITCHEN AID! If you knew me, knew the desire and passion I hold for myself as a kitchen witch that loves to'd was the icing on my lovely cake!

Brightest Blessings Always )o(