Monday, July 26, 2010

Making a Difference in the smallest ways...

Funny how you start out in the beginning of a day off, thinking how you'd like to spend it...relaxing, catching up and just BEING.
I had intended on spending some quality "Me" time and some useful delegating of my latest responsiblities to further my youngest of 18 into getting final details ready for his return to school for his SENIOR year.
My phone rang...I got called back to work for a last minute shift change and to be a team player and help out as needed.
The thoughts ran through my head to say "NO" but then, with the latest approval from my District Manager in furthering me up the career ladder I went ahead and went in. But you know, I got there and the four of pentacles sang my praises and so did both of my supervisors...and my mood although not thrilled to be there, improved. I got out a bit early, was very productive and a huge...I mean HUGE team player.
I had a smile on my face when I left, secure in my position with raises on the way and managed to get a few simple errands done as well with my son. All in All I think the week has begun really well and I still get the next two days off, fingers crossed.
I would have loved to visit this lake that I go to sometimes to think, recollect and meditate it wasn't in the cards for me today and I'd like to think I made the most of it anyhow.
Sometimes, it isn't the outcome but how we handle ourselves getting to the end of our day. I am truly blessed and even after all this I can smile and feel such pride in myself. It's the littlest things that count and today, I made such a difference.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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