Friday, October 8, 2010

Realization Spell:

A few weeks ago I went on a Retreat for me and my Best Friend. We did some reconnecting with nature, some serious laughing and a bit of wine drinking, then we scooted up to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a bit of nifty niche' shopping. I love trying to find things that I can utilize in a way they were not meant to be used but they fit so well in that role! During that time, I had worked up a few blessings and its during then that I had found a Realization Spell and worked it to the way I needed it.
See, my exhusband & I used to get on so well until the NEW wife. She hates me, but that is beside the point. The problem is she has worked really hard to seperate him from our two teenagers. It breaks my heart and makes me VERY angry. A time or two if I had dabbled in Black Magick....I would have then.
But, (shakes head) I thought and thought and meditated on my to remove my kids from hurting and make the Ex husband realize the pain he is inflicting...that was it! A realization Spell. I pulled things I had from him over the years...personal items...then I pulled a photo with him from High School (see we had been high school sweeties). But alas, I had NOTHING of her..the NEW wife. Then a friend of mine said...write her name on something...I DID...I got out my inkwell/glass pen set & used the crimson ink & wrote her name on the back of his photo...I left all of this on my altar for a few days till the new moon...time for banishing and I banish the negativity from our lives.
I asked Harm ye none' asked that they realize the pain they have caused and lie in the bed they have made...something to that affect...It's much better than this...I just find it very personal so I won't really elaborate here.
The point is...I took back some power for ME & my kids...while making sure we were like a mirror that whatever they sent...came back three fold with harm to none.
I feel better and I feel proud that I managed to call forth my personal power and ideas and cast them into motion. I also set a circle of protection around me and my two kids. There that should fix it...Now I am work on some altar work and read some lovely blogs!
Brightest Blessings )o(

Seven Blessings Bottles:

These are a rendition of Eileen Holland's Seven Blessing Bottles:

I have three amazing women in my life who I wanted to do something special I gathered my library and started thumbing through different projects to put a spin on what I wanted.


Although I adapted it to jars and added some of my own goodies inside for the followed same outline.

1st layer: salt (To purify & cleanse) 2nd layer: Pine needles from my yard for Health 3rd layer: some dried rose petals (I had done myself) & cinnamon for Love 4th Layer: my own rubbed sage for prosperity 5th layer some home grown Basil from my summer garden for Peace 6th layer: Black Pepper & Garlic powder for Protection 7th layer: Dill weed & Bay Leaves for Good luck. Last top layer is some Sugar to sweeten the charm/spell and seal the deal.

You want to be sure to use DRIED ingridents for that will keep things from getting mold or soggy.

This jar/bottle is to bring forth good blessings/fortune to you and your home. It can be hidden in a closet or cabinet by front door where all things must enter...preferrably somewhere dark.

You want to attract these positive things to your doorstep and you and especially protection for yourself and your home.

I did a little blessing and sealed them with White candle wax to give it that "Witchy" appearance. I think they are lovely...they have been created, blessed and sealed. give them to my friends, what a wonderful start to the Witches' New Year for me! :)

Brightest Blessings )o(

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Merry Mabon

Sept. 21st

Mabon/Autumn Equinox

Its about crops being harvested, light & dark again coming into balance. Witches sometimes put fruit of the season on their altars, baked breads, pies and work their magick to balance imbalances.
It is thought here is when the God sleeps in the womb of the Goddess waiting to be reborn again with a new season.
Mabon is sacred to the Celtic God Mabon, a son of light, son of the mother Goddess Modron.

I thought it very interesting to note here, not only is my favorite season Autumn, due to the lovely temperatures, foliage colors and family gatherings giving thanks. But this past weekend when I was on my "Girls' Get away" I took by chance a spell with me to perform as a Blessing, a spell to balance some imbalances for me and my personal issues. I did this without even thinking of Mabon, funny how that worked isn't it?
Here I am just practicing the craft I love, casting the Blessings I wrote and looking for that harmony again in my routines and daily life then I get home...really notice the Dates and think...OH magickally I was guided and how intricate the spokes of the wheel turn all coordinating together and some how reaching that desired location or effect that manage to balance each other along the path. I am truly blessed & I am grateful that along the way I take time to notice, really notice the gifts from the Gods/desses that stick out and show me...I am right where I belong within myself and my environment.
Brightest Blessings all, may you too balance the imbalances in your life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Meditating is one of the most wonderful things you can commit to doing for YOURSELF.
It is supposed to help quiet the mind, focus on your breathing and you.
In such a hectic enviroment and routines mediation can be done anywhere at any time it requires absolutely nothing but you and calm.
There are a ton of links that are available from beginners to experts depending on your level. With all of the focus about you and your breathing. You can do a simple breathe meditation, candle meditation, anything works or goes depending all upon your comfort levels and knowledge. There is no right or wrong here. It is about connecting with yourself, your journey or nothing at all just slowing down and relishing the moment. I meditate off and on, I do better personally when I have meditated that week or lately. I sometimes go nowhere but benefit from the calm, grounding & centering myself. Then there are meditations when I go EVERYWHERE the best when I start out in a grayish cloud filled room, I think of it as my mind....then i whisp through it into a forest...with beautiful dark trees and a path...I am in a linen robe set that is creme coloured and bare feet with my hands out at my sides feeling the lush foliage as I slowly proceed upon the path...bare feet on the crisp, cool dirt...up ahead I reach a clearing...with what seems to be wheat grass? its about waist tall and is a gorgeous gold and sways when I walk past then feeling the sun on my face and beautiful blues above my head i move ever forward yet, into the clearing is a gazebo...old woods yet...very beautiful and is there I speak with someone I believe to be my spirit guide...that will remain personal...but mainly this is my JOURNEY mediation I call it...sometimes there is dark and stars, sometimes it is foggy but each time it is breathtaking, calm and surreal. I love it and it moves me. Every once in awhile I hit a meditation that is like flying above the beautiful green canopies...and snakelike, winding streams below..sun on my back and my eyes soaking it all in. I hope each of you take some time this week and meditate yourself....spend some true "ME" time. If you have never meditated...try it...find a calm, quiet place...use no clock...light a candle or some incense...if this doesn't work...try a guided CD to help or take a hot bath and relax....or as you are lying in bed about bed time...just try not to fall asleep...LOL.
You are the most are the heart of the home and you deserve the ME factor.
YOU are worth it.
Here is a few ideas:
maybe this will help and answer a few questions....

My daily saga...

My Magick Everywhere:

That seems to be as of late, one hand grabbing my scarf as I try not to choke myself with it flying out the side door grabbing my keys and thinking...CRAP! When I notice the full blossoming beauty of the gorgeous silver full moon above my head...Yes, my schedule begins around 2:30AM and then I am at work, bowing out from my routine as I take a moment to utter a few words and lift my chin to her beauty and feel....Half as myself. Then I race back in to the rat race and start clamouring with my daily saga.

My Birthday is this month I am yet a true Libra through and through...Upbeat, funny, inspiring, outgoing, people pleaser. As my lovely best friend the Aquarius says...I should really take off my rose coloured glasses and see the crap people put on me.

I don't think I will. I see what is out there, trust me, my glasses don't cover my eyes as a whole. But I do like to see the potential in some one's soul...the person they ASPIRE to become. That is so much to breathe in, to grasp and I love it. As I like to think as my personal mantra..."There is Magick Everywhere just waiting to be spotted". Please understand too, my BF she is only watching out for me...protecting me. LOL Every once in awhile I see her, hiding her rose coloured glasses deep inside her purse...but I know she has them. :)

Speaking of her...she took me on a lovely, blessed retreat for girls only to a rustic cabin deep into the Ozark forest in Arkansas and we had this gorgeous view ...350 degree gorgeous view of the Ozarks....I of course hated the millions of daddy long legs crawling EVERYWHERE! Other than that and the KILLER ants it was JUST what the Medicine Woman ordered. LOL

Sorry about the critters, its kind of a running joke between her and I now. We also had a raccoon that aspired to be a car thief...his prints all over her trunk and back of the car, a bunny right up to our porch inspecting us during our unpacking phase, a grasshopper that decided to take a 10 mile ride on our windshield, what a surfer man!

The point is...we stopped...we listened and noticed EVERYTHING. No TV, no distractions and we played it by ear, no clocks, no schedules, we did blessings, we drank some amazing wine and took a late night stroll w/flashlights in hand and wind in hair to see the moon in all her glory by the bluffs. We drove into Eureka Springs, AR as well and got some amazing trinkets for ourselves...a glass pen with inkwells...candles...more tarot cards...a new pendulum...some new crystals...some sweet grass...a polished river rock from a local stream...some new amazing scents of incense. And during all of this...we found ourselves, unleashed some really pent up emotion and energies, rekindled our bond between us and came back even more empowered and full of new magick. I am truly sorry I haven't posted in awhile, funny how life sometimes gets in the way, but what I did realize is its all ABOUT LIFE. I will make it a point to post at least once a week. It is MY therapy and its free and followed by so many lovely upbeat comments, boosts and just plain old support and in my neck of the woods, that is what counts. I hope all are well and lovely. Glad to be back my friends. Thrilled to have had such an amazing Birthday due to such a Wonderful Friend. By the Fiance...the Torch...has gotten me a KITCHEN AID! If you knew me, knew the desire and passion I hold for myself as a kitchen witch that loves to'd was the icing on my lovely cake!

Brightest Blessings Always )o(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling a Ton of Pressure:

I want to let you all know, I am working such a hectic schedule right now...double shifts basically 2am-3pm...I then take my fiance' to therapy and then home to cook dinner and then WHAM!
I crash from about I apologize if my blog slows down a bit..I am still pulling my daily tarot cards, although I can't post about them right now...I appreciate all those who read my ravings and post such amazing comments you are the cawfii (coffee) to my day!
Btw, I am still managing to read a blog or two here and there!
Brightest Blessings )O(

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Tribute to the Blog: I AM WOMAN....

As of late I have been glancing from blog to blog and I want to acknowledge one that has really hit home with me...

mxtodis123 her blog "I am Woman" is inspiring she has many great links, information and its beautifully done as many others but this one issue she brought forth...

About Crimes against Women here is her link:

Once I read what she said...I immediately thought of a Movie I had rented called.."The Stoning of Soraya M." It blew me away from all the emotions I felt to the knowledge I gained about These women's plights overseas and their suffering.

If you have not seen this movie you should rent it. It is from a true story a is a 2008 American drama film adapted from French-Iranian journalist Freidoune Sahebjam's 1990 book La Femme Lapidée, based on a true story.
The book has been banned in Iran because of its perceived critical attitude toward the Iranian legal system.
Stranded in a remote Iranian village, Sahebjam is approached by Zahra, a woman with a harrowing tale to tell about her niece, Soraya, and the bloody circumstances of her death the day before. Her story attempts to expose the inhumanity of Sharia Law. Her last and only hope for justice lies in the hands of the journalist, who must escape with the story - and his life - in order to communicate the violence to the world.
There are many sites you can log onto to view the information here.
When I rented this movie...I thought I was prepared for what I was going to see...I wasn't. I was bawling like a baby...outraged and appalled.
Women all over the world are treated terribly our plights are long, harrowing and full of danger. We have come so far, yet...the road still lays so far ahead with no end in sight.
I will do as "I AM WOMAN"'s blog stated and be lighting a candle today for our sisters still in harm's way and suffering needlessly. I hope this will enlighten you and bring forth so many of your emotions as this did for me.

I appreciate mxtodis123 and the way she made me stop and think...ponder and recall what I am so grateful be the woman I am, in the country I am with the freedoms I have.
Many many thanks.

Please don't just read this...follow to the the movie...Show your awareness & together maybe some how, some way we will make a difference.

I had watched this movie here is the link:*:IE-Address&rlz=1I7TSHB_enUS326&prmd=vl&source=univ&tbs=vid:1&tbo=u&ei=hVJpTOCTGcGclgf-2LieBQ&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=4&ved=0CD4QqwQwAw

Brightest Blessings )o(

Sunday, August 15, 2010

There's a Little Witch in every woman...

I joined the Practical Magic Blog and have been contemplating what I would share with my readers on my blog about myself through my Magick.

There is so much Magick within us all...

from relationships, knowledge, truths, secrets, adventures, recipes, blessings, BOS's, Spells and the journey of sisterhood, being a best friend, mother and daughter...we have many faucets of ourselves and so many personalities and diva's within. To learn to embrace and recognize what diva or ego is needed in what circumstance is part of the gift of Magick...To Seek Within and find the answers is divine.

There is great gifts and power in being a woman, a woman of desires, passion, emotions and ancestory that is passed down, learned or taught. Women are many things.

We have over come so much in such a short time thru the centuries, from being singled out and ridiculed, to being no more of a monetary value than Cattle and having less rights that we deserved. We have had to fight for our equality and what matters to us most.

Thank the Gods/esses that we have come thus far. I am excited to see what marvelous Magick awaits us in the upcoming future what we will overcome and unite. From Mother Goddess to the Mothers within us all...Brightest Blessings and Merry Meet.

Magick in Poetry:
Sisters of the divine unite
Sisters of Magick take flight
We call on the Goddess within ourselves
We welcome the magick from deep in the fairy realm
I cast my circle and call the quarters from each
Bringing forth my strength and powers that I need
Such beauty and knowledge cast from far within
A spell a blessing followed by Desoil or Whiddershins
Take flight, take fancy and hear my humanly cry
For I am guided & protected by the Goddess up High
I open my womanly soul and cast my witchy words
I am grounded and welcome my journey here upon this earth
From the Goddess within to the child I once was
My words are needed and powerful from my heart
This is my blessing to appreciate being a woman that I cast from my circled start,
My Goddess guides and protects me daily this my witchy heart can see
I fully appreciate her as I acknowledge the Goddess within me times mote it be.

Mother Moon's Eat, Pray & Love Giveaway:

Mother Moon's Eat, Pray & Love Giveaway:

Mother Moon's Blog about EAT, PRAY & LOVE is inspiring...I have to admit that at first...I didn't understand exactly what she wanted or meant, I don't have her book nor had I heard it before...then reading her previous blog...It struck home with me. I loved her idea! I think she is quite inspirational and wonderful at leading us to what we need to consider or think about...I find it very moving.

So, this is my tribute to her blog...about my EAT, PRAY & LOVE....


OMG...I get all shaky and weak at the knees when I see or smell desserts...I am such a Foodie....a total junkie when it comes to the sweet stuff, of course I am a Kitchen Witch and If you ask my friends...I love, love, love cooking everything! The feeling I get when I am in the kitchen being creative, whipping this together, mixing that up with that and smelling it bake and sizzle and the fragrances wafting through my home and the pride I have when I serve it up to my family is beyond satisfying for myself. I am so blessed to have such a drive as a matter of fact last night after making an Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie...I whipped up a hot, lava fudge cake and topped it steaming right out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...YUM YUM YUMMY! So, yes, mine does change daily as far as my eats go as with any good Foodie...but I have to admit that Chocolate is my vice.

My Pray: My personal journey

This one is one of many for me I am afraid....I have ADHD and a tad OCD as well...with Libra mixed in I am a total AIR SIGN and I love doing, going and constantly have a book in my hand...Knowledge is power. I have my biggest love of the Egyptian Pantheon and myself. I call on different Gods/esses whenever I need to attribute a characteristic or two and there are daily mantra's in which I try to include on myself, within myself. I believe so many different angles and ideas are a necessary part of my life...There are moments I feel side swiped or let down but those are fewer and fewer as my days go forth. I have a wonderful head start into my personal being and my ideals. I accept all those around me and their faiths. I am but a Guardian on my path of knowledge. I Pray daily for the guidance and understanding to further me along my journey of self knowledge, spirituality and contentment. My daily thought usually pertains to...I ask it...I seek it...I say it...So mote it be.

My Love: My heart
Here goes....My Heart is what contains my love, First and foremost my two children who btw are young adults now :) they are what I call PURE TRUE holds barred no strings attached just TRUE LOVE. fiance' he is my mate he is Catholic yet, he fully accepts me and my weirdness and loves me more for it. He completes me.
Third...My family/friends they are the best and remind me daily of that from the smallest phone call to uplift me, to the kindest gift of listening and honesty.
Finally...Myself...I have learned after years of abuse by my stepfather(physical, emotional, mental) my ex husband (mentally degrading) that I am Beautiful, worthy and deserve kindness and love and acceptance no matter my size or rank in life. The hardest part was learning to love and accept myself for me and my flaws...the human condition...gotta love it.
I am but a Goddess and I am worthy. ( seems like a funny skit from the mirror guy on SNL) LOL...but it works and has been a journey to be able to accept that.

Now, I have bared my Eat, Pray and Love to you all, I just want to say I fully appreciate Mother Moon for guiding me down this was hard, yet rewarding, strange to be so open but felt amazing. Many, Many thanks Mother Moon! I will be getting that book too hopefully!

Brightest Blessings )o(

Recharging Today...

Today has been amazing!

It was all about recharging, revamping and revitalizing myself. It started with me pulling my sleepy, tired butt out of bed early to meet a dear friend for breakfast, It turned out better than I could have hoped for.

Not only did we eat a quick bite, we laughed, we listened to each other and we aired out our baggage we had been lugging around so tightly snapped shut for fear of hurting one another.

After breakfast, she took me to this amazing vantage point way up above our city and I could look out from under some maple trees and we sat on the lovely, cool Stone ground and felt the wind on our faces, the sun through the canopy above us and we shared, listened and got a bit more grounded together. I have missed this immensely.

She is one of the most wonderful beings I have ever had the privilege of calling friend. She smiled, I smiled...she laughed, I laughed, she teared up, I teared up. It was there, we were there, honest, raw & open and we both understood where the other was at. I am so thankful today for this bit of recharging and just being with her reminded of what Goddesses we both are and the POWER we can unite between us just in a few mere moments. I also received some gifts she made for me and that a friend of hers made for me...they were beautiful and moving. I am ever so grateful and humbled that I have such a friend. I pray that I will be guided to being the friend she needs and requires as well. Many of you mean a great deal to me, I hope that along your paths, journey's and quests that you too....have the pleasure of such divine company if even for just a fleeting moment.

* in honor of my friend who always brings out the very best in myself....ILY dearly!

Brightest Blessings )o(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Note of Personal Thanks....

I have been inspired as of late from all the wonderful blogs I have begun to follow.

So, many of you have inspiring tales, honest evaluations and facts of yourselves and the warmth and knowledge you along within myself that "WE" bring forth from each other.

I wanted to acknowledge today MANY THANKS...

not because of a Sabbat, not because of a wonderful thing that has happened or been given to me, not because the calendar says so. Actually I have been working alot of doubles at work lately, we have had a personal loss as well in our family and my fiance' is really down in his back as well, but all that said.....I am sooo very thankful.

Because if it weren't for days like these...days in which I am so tired, so overwhelmed, so under appreciated, so worried about bills, I wonder if I would TRULY appreciate the days I am not. I so love the human condition. Each of you connect with me in some way, whether it be through a mother's eyes or a best friends cries, or a spouses disappointment and joys but most of all of a WOMAN's feelings, journey and seeking of knowledge down this familiar road of life.

I wanted to post a HUGE HUG and MANY THANKS...You are each a Blessing and a GODDESS to me and I take daily inspiration from each of you.

Brightest Blessings....)o(

Monday, August 9, 2010

Positive Vibes:

Beauty: Women, Friendship, Truth, Love
Sometimes in life we are the yin to another's yang.
There are moments of could have, should have, would have that we live through, endure and mostly learn from.
Sadness, depression, loneliness, angst, hate, fear, loathing all are important stages of life and very necessary. Without these you wouldn't understand or appreciate happiness, joy, confidence, love, calm, strength and pride.
There are moments in ones life where you stumble, fall and live through a phase of baggage and isolation at our own hands. In these desperate moments you have your "Friends" to lift you, ground you, center you, and listen to you without fail.
I have those friends....I also realize I haven't been that friend. Sadly, I let my ass over ride my mouth and gave opinions that were not asked for, needed or wanted and they created a rift and hurt feelings that I never wanted or would have purposely done.
For my actions I have been without one of my dearest friends because I should have been her safe place to fall, as she was mine and she was amazing about it. I let her down. I don't blame her for closing off and isolating herself for survival. I was worried I could not salvage the damage I had done. I am human, I make tons of mistakes and this is one I have indeed learned from.
Lately I try to pick up the phone, leave voicemails of you matter, ILY, I am here and I indeed have done a better job of LISTENING.
My friends mean so much to me they are a huge part of me and this friend in particular we have been friends since childhood. I hope to get the chance to repair the damage I have done. She is an amazing woman/Goddess and going through her darkest moments now and needs my ears just to vent, no judgements, no opinons just to listen. I WILL be her safe place to fall.
The vibes between us feel lightened and better I hope they will continue to grow. She is the world to me and I hope to prove it by being the amazing friend to her as she has been to me all these years.
Wish me luck...I have no where to go but up from here. Brighest Blessings Always )o(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Tarot: The Empress

The Empress
The Conception of the Journey
Season: Springtime
Time: Early Morning
The Empress is a ruler, superior to all Queens, yet she is down to earth, concerned for her land and for her people.
Despite her stature she actually owns very little in her own name.
Her message here is to be happy with what you HAVE.
Take notice and realize what you have already around you in abundance.
Cherish it, nurture it and allow it to mature and support you.
The Empress rules in the realm of clean living, she blooms with health and fertility. See her as the fruitful union from the High Priestess and the Magician. She symbolizes both the harvest and the conception within that must be nurtured and birthed.
She is Grounded, Centered, stable and supporting.
To help you discover her think of flowers, plants and gardening. Meditate on real meanings in your life, what it means to have everything you need and be truly satisfied. True Contentment comes from within.
It would be fantastic if you won the lottery or inherited some amazing amount of money, but in reality it won't happen like that, but if you quit WANTING MORE and realize what you have within is more than any monetary gain and to fully appreciate that and accept it. You will have all your TRUE heart desires and All you should ever need.
~Personal Note~
Lately as my life has been culminating towards this wonderful stage..both kids embarking on their journeys and my advancing relationship with my fiance'...the advancements at work...I realize....I HAVE everything I have needed. I finally seem at peace within myself. Since my divorce I worried about getting more, stable and such then I just seem to push, push, push myself into worries and what is next when I realized during this Daily Tarot It is already there, it is ME...I am FINE.
I have hit this weird place...of Contentment.
My best friend came by work today to bring me a LOVELY new altar cloth...she commented that I seem HAPPY...finally and more...calmer...
I am...I love who I am and look forward to the Goddess I have yet to phase into as needed.
I am where I need to be doing what I should.
What is funnier is I am OCD terribly and to draw the Empress....Residing in the realm of CLEAN living...ROFLMAO
I am the woman up at 2am with a toothbrush scrubbing bathroom. Weird huh? but it calms me.
I won't get too personal here....that is for my other blog, but as a survivor of childhood abuse...I realized many moons ago that to "Control my environment" gives me a sense of CONTROL I lost as a child. So, it works for "Cheap" therapy. :)
I look in the mirror and I am at peace with the Empress within...I shall go and reap what I have sewn and be content.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Lovely Lavendar:

I had clicked over to the Domestic Witch's Blog this morning before work and noticed her giveaway about Lavendar.
To be honest about it....I was thrilled!
Not only for the opportunity to partake in her blog and giveaway but interested to see all the different ideas and suggestions/knowledge on Lavender so...drum roll please...Many thanks Domestic Witch for your wonderful creative ideas!
My take on Lavender....
It is simply relaxing & wonderful and the colors and smell are calming, soothing and perpetuate many subtle thoughts and moods.
It has inspired songs, names, Goddesses, teas, herbal remedies, spells, blessings, crafts, bedding sets, soaps, etc.
I have made a tub tea that contains lavender, sea salts, lavender oils, some grated orange peel and placed it in a lavender cloth pouch with a lavender ribbon. At the same time I have burned white or purple candles and used quiet relaxing melodies from a pre-made CD that contained nothing but certain Indian lullaby's for quietly meditating while soaking in the tub tea. I loved it...I usually do this about once or twice a year to refresh and revitalize myself.
If I don't pamper myself who will?!
I also had made myself a lavender sachet to place under my mattress while sleeping to help with creating a deep, peaceful sleep for myself. I can honestly say...I sleep so sound...I think it so, therefore it must work. LOL
Ruler: Venus
Type: Plant
Magickal form: flower, Oil
add it to other ingredients such as (rose or mint) to help with powerful love attraction formulas. One can use lavender, rose & lemon for Love healing. Mix it with Chamomile and drink as a tea to cure insomnia. Use it alone or add to bath water to calm the spirits. Burning dried lavender flowers with the herb Rue for protection rituals.
Noted from : The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by Lexa Rosean
I always refer to other items in my library and when I got this challenge I leaped into thumbing through my many books and this was one of the first I found. I also love to use lavender just as fresh cut flowers to display in my is a vision of beauty and the smells permeating in my home are lovely. I grow it in my garden.
I hope to learn more from everyone that participates and blogs about their knowledge and ideas on the subject.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Up to Interpretation...

Welcome and Merry Meet....

In case you are new to my blog I usually do a daily reading of MY personal tarot cards.
Everyday I start out at some point to draw from my tarot deck and think on what I have drawn...what it means...what it represents.
I then use several sites, books and personal notes and teachings to decipher what they are and what they mean.

It is a way for me to connect on a more personal level with my Magick and utilize my knowledge.
I also use my blog for sort of a PERSONAL Journal for my tarot stuff.
I fully believe that only WE...ourselves are in control of our paths, our journeys, our choices and freewill.
The cards just show what we must take or make of each situation based on how we interpret these cards and what they mean.
There are so many, many decks and items out there you can use to help you along the best friend reads Runes, my sister tea leaves, another cousin of mine uses the pendulum. I love all of these devices, although I am drawn and have always been drawn to TAROT cards.
When I flip over a card a million things run through my head and heart...its as if they are speaking to me.
I actually prefer to read people I don't know because when I DO KNOW them...i tend to put more of THEM and their personalities into the helps, but sometimes, makes me feel like I am cheating although I am not. I am quite gifted at reading tarot I also am quite well at reading Energy.
I love so many different eclectic things and love to search out new and different ways to do things.
I do appreciate your taking the time to read what I have to say about my daily tarot and I hope in some small way I help you further your knowledge as well during this part of my path.
Please keep in mind though...the cards are not wrong.
It is simply based upon the interpreter.
You could have one deck and five different people reading the same deck...all would probably read them completely different. Lost in translation? LOL
Simple.....remember...its all based upon interpretation.
Go have fun...Grab your deck thanks for sitting and listening to my insanity for awhile.

Brightest Blessings )o(

Daily Tarot: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Knight + Prince + Brother + Son
Cups/coins represent female aspects
Knight of Cups usually stays....
Fire of water (emotions)
Affirmations associated: Usually shares life with others.
This knight is usually overcome with his feelings or emotions regarding relationships or love, passion, righteousness all these feelings from within his heart.
He takes feelings VERY seriously. He truly tends to believe or represent the commitment at hand and the pride and truth he feels that these situations represent to him.
He tends to size up the situation and ACT on them. He doesn't wait like the page before him.
Follow your in the moment....accept these feelings for what they NOT over think, just act on it.
~Personal Note~
Lately, I have tried to take a step back and quit letting my first failed marriage and the baggage I had brought with me from that hinder my current relationships. I have alot of low self esteem issues as each and every one of us tend to suffer from during different phases of our lives. But lately, since picking up on my blog and the daily tarot things I am doing, my eyes are clearer, and my heart is better and quite frankly I have ALOT more confidence than I have had.
Also, my fiance' and I are doing well so well in fact, I quit chasing him for security and self worth issues that he is now CHASING me! :)
I did not plan this, I did not want to play games, it has just come about by me placing my self worth in MYSELF I became more appealing to him. Isn't that funny?
I guess it goes to show men do seem to like confident women. I know I am really pleased and happy with myself and it is showing in every facet of my life.
So, I hope during your journey you are able to sit on your white horse and enjoy you cup of emotions and plenty and just ACT ON your worth where it should be...IN YOURSELF.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Tarot: Strength

Strength + The Trial of the Journey
Struggles of Life makes us stronger. In some tarot decks the figure male/female is shown grappling with the lion or beast, in others she is simply shown to be gently leading him. Either way, it takes considerable effort & strength to get the final result....which is a controlled and safe lion.
This card represents inner strength and control. It takes much more strength to work out a compromise. True strength is found in honour & integrity. No matter how physically weak you are you can become the figure shown on this card by exhibiting strength of character, tolerance and discipline in yourself and with others. Also you need to represent yourself in truth of actions, life and convictions.
Acquire this strength by implementing this in yourself and all you hold dear, maintain your relationships by giving positive encouragements and embody the values contained by "The Lion Tamer".
~Personal Note~
I drew this as my first card when I started this Daily Tarot event for myself to better connect with my cards. I have come along way in how I decipher them and implement them into my life in such a short time. Although I sometimes wrestle with how to think of them or things in my life...I feel this card represents all I have achieved and what I still must remember to work on within myself.
I have daily struggles, but when I put them into perspective and relax and utilize some personal control over certain situations I can be a GODDESS and I am proud of that.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Deosil & Withershins

When you are casting, dancing, moving or meditating in a circle for a ritual/blessing purposes, most refer to the direction described as either Desoil or Withershins.
Both originate from the Irish Gaelic DEISEAL, "turning to the right" this means CLOCKWISE, the direction in which the sun moves in the northern hemisphere and in which circles are usually cast for positive magick.
Withershins or Widdershins which originates from the German words WIDER "against" and SINN "Sense" means counterclockwise and this is used primarily for banishing direction and used for negative magick.
I found this piece of knowledge very helpful when I first started really putting together some blessings/rituals. I love books and this came from
"THE WICCA BOOK OF DAYS" by Selena Eilidh Ash.
I love it because it is not a calendar by the YEAR, but an idea of what things can meld into or do during certain days of the year. It gives me ideas, activities and bits of knowledge that I can implement and even history and translations into what I am working with at that point in the Sabbat. I hope everyone picks up a good book this week and puts it into use. KNOWLEDGE is power and to seek knowledge is to begin to understand fully.
Brightest Blessings Always )o(

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain, Rain Pour today...

Today, as I have been praying for cooler weather...waiting on the predictions of afternoon storms I went thru my house thinking clearly on my intent.
I lit wonderful candles, incense and worked hurriedly but lovingly on dinner for my family tonite before I head out the door for work.
Then, a low key rumble in the distance....could it be?!
Yes!! I could see as I opened the door on the South side of my home...Black/Gray thunderclouds and the low welcoming sounds of thunder as it cracked amidst the sky.
I was sooooo happy I did a quick poem and would like to share:
Rain Rain welcome in today
Quietly, Quickly from up above
Showering me lovingly with your love.
The Goddess within my heart and soul reached out
You brought with you the cooling air about
I am ever so humbled and grateful for your beautiful show
Wrapping the water & air elements for me to gratefully give thanks and know.
From the drop, drop rhythm to your re birthing phase
The heat fading as I sing & write to you and give you your praise.
Today, of all days the rain she came quickly in to my aide
These are the small things I shall be grateful for and acknowledge within today.
From Mother Goddess to the Goddess within myself
I give thanks and honor your gifts from my wiccan altar shelf.
As all those you daily touch and guide
May the rhythm of life be your temple from the sky.
I am proud to be but your child today
Tomorrow who knows I could be a Wiccan Priestess if my path leads me that way
I am ever so humbled and love the sounds of your thunder
This is my Thanks to you I give under your wonderful rumble.
I prayed for gifts and you returned with love that I can hear and see...
This is my acknowledgement so mote it mote it mote it be....
I am ever so grateful and thankful times three.

Witch at work:

Lately, My mind has been overrun with ideas, emotions, this and that tasks.
My current job has been steadily moving upward with promotions and steady praise.
My household has been in kind of a slump do to me doing so much, just like yesterday I worked a double shift...
3am-5pm it was a long, long day for me and this dreaded heat seems to just PULL it out of me.
I came home last night and went to bed at 7pm and slept until 10am today. That is NOT like me. I am a blur when I am at home...I think I suffer from ADHD...But the good thing is I seem to be doing quite well at completing goals when I am awake and at home...its really weird.
I have always been a busybody, I am wonderful at delegating tasks and jobs. My biggest issue was just feeling like I had all the time in the world and I believe it made me a tad lazy. LOL
Now, its just one blur after the other. One thing I can say...I am the better for it. I feel stronger, independent and as if I can conquer the world. People have been very kind lately and I don't take compliments like I should...I just smile and nod...I am changing that.
I am so grateful for all I am learning and I just hate when I miss out on my blog or meditation but I do know that when I get the chance to sit and relax...I will fully appreciate it more than I ever have. That is the lesson I am taking from this. My glass is half full....I wear rose coloured glasses...I am on my way to being the WITCH/WOMAN I have been setting my sights on for so long. to crack open a book and do a bit of brewing before work tonite.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Daily Tarot: THE STAR

The Star

The Inspiration of the Journey

The woman with little or no clothing on in many tarot decks is used to represent the mind, the unconscious or the soul. The water flowing from the erns she is holding represents the ebb and flow of life, health, movement and change.

Behind her is the tree of life, or in some decks as she is here, she is watering the tree of life. Behind her is a giant star which reminds us of the Great Divine and Shining so from up above helps us to realize the infinite universe. This card with her many symbols is supposed to remind us that the great divine is all around us....encouraging, inspiring and motivating us forward from our tasks that may or may not bear fruit.

This card implies that you LISTEN to the inspirations that come from within you. You are the GODDESS. You have everything you need to achieve your desires. GO FOR IT: don't wait a minute longer. But the star also holds a sure where you place your energies and time. What is the use of pouring water on water?

But if you put that same water on would bear fruit in the right place at the right time. YOU hold all the hold all the cards.

~Personal to me~

This card is really wonderful for me today...lately I have been flowing back and forth between the wands, pentacles and whatever my position is tends to be further down the journey which I know this is true. I have had alot of movement in my home life and my relationship with my kids, even my friends and fiance'. I have everything I my disposal I AM FOLLOWING my instincts and it is paying off...I am recognized at work daily with my supervisors I am being treated wonderfully by my fiance and I am bringing forward a better friendship daily with my friends by working really hard at being a better friend myself. My kids are starting to appreciate my hard work and caring for them these past 20 years and starting to check on me and be there for me a bit more by wonderful phone calls. I am doing beautifully and keeping to my path...where this is water, land and opportunity there is I am waiting for my garden to grow and bring forth the fruit of my hard labor.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daily Tarot: 9 Of Wands

Nine of Wands + Accomplishment
3 Threes combine in the 9, so here we find the energy of the 3's, the resolution of the 6's and the rewards of the 9's.
This is your last chance to finish something you may have started before the cycle completes. Think of the 9's as a sign, a sign that its time to look where you have been and complete, reflect or think of where you are presently in your journey for your path.
Consider that although 10 finishes the suits, the 9's are the last finishing classes required for Graduation.
This card is a representation of will and personal power. You either are on the winning side or have already won. Merely stay with the task at hand and complete what you have begun and it will be done. The end is in sight so stay on course. Let the marks left by your struggles be worn as your badge of honour and skill.
Wands + Fire + Passion
Time + High Noon
Season + Summer
Direction + South
Wands represent the elemental Fire because wood fuels fire. This usually also has meaning about following your gut instinct.
I have had quite a few changes this past weekend...both kids moving out and moving on. It has been really hard on me emotionally from sadness, depression, pride and excitement. But even though every part of me is screaming to go...tell my kids..PLEASE stay! I know...NO, my GUT instinct is saying...THIS IS RIGHT. This is their journey and a beginning of a new journey for me...Life cycles and this is the right path at the right time.
I realize one is 20 and the other 18 this is an important right of passage for them and me. I have done well as a guardian and must move a bit out of my comfort zone to let them begin their paths.
I have faith the Goddess will guide and protect them along their way and in the midst of all this, I am facing a new promotion with work as well. So, yes...the end is in sight and I will stay the course.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Tarot: The Fool

The Fool: The Beginning of a Journey
The fool is the Ultimate beginning, if you notice he is careless and carefree, enjoying his day not watching his footing and just going with how he feels right then.
The Sun at his back, his companion at his ankles lapping at him excitedly and enjoying the outing. The Fool is physically there, but mentally he is daydreaming about what is to be or what will be. The future is not set. He by all accounts will Go right over that edge of the Cliff? journey?
Or is it? Is it what it appears?
Sometimes in life, we must embark on that strange, vast expanse before us and have a moment where we quit OVER THINKING everything and just go with it...enjoy it for what it is and just be in the moment....the Journey. This is how new Universes are discovered, new ideals are created, new inventions are made.
The Blessing of the Fool card is a daring heroism that brings in astonishing results against all the odds. Its about letting go...taking that leap of freedom no matter how scary or unknowing that end result may be.
I find this a culmination for me of yesterday's events. Not only did my son return to finish his Schooling 2 hours away from me. . . against all my instincts to KEEP him. :)
But, My 20 year old also informed me she will be moving out and into an apartment with some of her closest friends...taking that Initial leap away from me as well.
Normally, I would still be bawling...I love and adore my kids I was always one of those soccer, PTA, homeroom, girl scout/cub scout leader moms'.
But I realize...this is THEIR paths, their choices, their lives. I am but a guardian for them & I must leap over that EDGE and trust that I have placed myself and them right where we should be.
This is the BEGINNING of another journey for me....My life...with ME. Getting to know who I am, what I want, How I feel. I matter and I need to know all about ME. This should be an amazing beginning and one I refuse to be sad about. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and they will be home for a small break at the holidays, but....I am excited to get I will grab my knapsack, hiking stick and my lovely companion at my heels, I will welcome my new destination and take that terrifying leap because I truly believe it is this moment for me now that is my next BEGINNING.
Brightest Blessings Always )o(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Road home...

Well, today the day was LONG it was sad and exciting for me as we took my son back to the town in which he will be attending his senior year. He is 18 now and very ready to take on the world. I love that in him. I smiled...laughed we talked and he knows I don't want him to go, yet he didn't see that. I wanted him to be excited I didn't want to spoil it for him or make him feel guilty.
As we drew closer to home...I admired the sunset amidst my tears. I was inspired by it and it lifted me. The beautiful colors with the Golden sun as he sank down into the deeper blues. This picture from my phone just doesn't do it justice.
Later, I found 20 year old is moving out as well. One can say I was double whammied. Its ok though. As sad as I am, I would say the Hanged Man card saw this coming. I will not be upset...My kids are both beginning new chapters in their journeys and I want to inspire them...let them go as they need to. I will be encouraging and help all I can as they move forward to their paths in life. May the Goddess protect, love and light their way. Brightest Blessings Always )o(.

Welcoming in Lammas....

Merry Meet my friends....this is the top of my altar it is a beautiful Black Ar moire and it sits in my front parlor...on top of it is a special cloth that is 2 sided that one of my very best friends stitched for me...on the other side of the cloth is an Egyptian print which I love, love, love. I decided that I would use the gold/wheat colored side of it today for celebrating Lammas.

I have a FEW of my books on top for quick reference...then my statue of Mother Goddess tree of life hanging above, along with an incense burner on the left of her as well. I placed my mortar and pestle on the altar to signify the grinding of herbs, grains and earthen products used in blessings. The incense to bring the Air element, my Basil from kitchen sill to ward of negativity and signify earth & water for me. Also I lit a beautiful Gold candle for the Golden sun...a few stones...quartz and arrowhead...then my red chalice of Ale to bring forth water and it contained hops and golden owl bell to ring in the homemade Banana nut bread on my purple pentacle to give thanks and represent the harvest and my spirit of love for the Goddess/Gods...and of course I couldn't resist to place my "Earth Mother" Venus of Willendorf I love her most of all...she is so representational of the curvy beautiful woman.
I wanted to open up a bit and show you these things that matter so much to me and that I have been collecting and lovingly show casing in my home. I am sooo proud...

these of course are full views of my besom and other precious items ...I have journals...candle baskets...cloth baskets...herb baskets...and my wand and such inside..I am so very proud of who I am and what I consist of as a being. This is what I love and where I feel at peace. It just started years and years ago as a small top of a chest of drawers in my bedroom.
Many thanks for taking the time to look and read what I write, it matters so much to me. May you always find the witch within you...WITCH such a powerful word. It inspires, creates, moves magick and loves and years ago Witch meant WISE ONE. I hope I am living up to that and honoring the Goddess within me. I look forward to our journey together my friend. Brightest Blessings )o(.

Our Journey today:

Today we are taking my son back to school which is about two hours away...I am happy, yet I am grieving.

He is 18 and it is his senior year he is so excited so he will not SEE my sadness. He knows I love him and wish he were here with me. Since my divorce, I had to relocate due to the economy and my Ex husband still lives in the same town giving our son a chance to graduate with the friends he has had since kindergarten. That I am so very blessed for.
He is not actually living with his father, he does not get along with the NEW wife. Which is sad, although her fault not his as I stated earlier in one of my blogs, she has alot of hatred for me. Sadly its not necessary but I guess he and I and our history we dated since ninth grade and were together almost 23 years, married 18 years and two amazing children.

I know what you think...but I left him actually. I mustered my strength for about 3 years before leaving. The only regret I have in leaving is the hardship it placed on my two teenagers. We were really good friends during and after the divorce until the NEW WIFE. Its only about my kids now and their relationship with their father which is non existent. That breaks my heart.

But, of my rant....LOL....My son is living with his friend he has known since Kindergarten and their family is wonderful and kind to my son and so welcoming we are blessed to have that option.
Now, amidst my feelings and the traveling I will not be really posting today....But I drew the Three of Swords today which is exactly where my heart is today and probably the next few days because when my children are not close my depression tends to move in more on me. I hope you all understand.

Brightest Blessings...)o(

Saturday, July 31, 2010

In honor of Lammas:

In honor of my Sabbat of Lammas here in my home I am baking a fresh loaf of Banana Nut Bread, the Pecans in it were gathered from my Maternal Grandmother's home in Oklahoma in her front yard by the very trees where I sat many times as a child talking to my spirits My grandfather called them. I will be also enjoying a glass of beer tonite with my fresh slice as I offer some gift upon the Goddess and give my many thanks as well to the Gods.
I will be lighting a Gold candle as well, to give thanks for the Glory of the golden sun during these summer months before the Autumn Equinox.
"Brightest Blessings upon my home
Welcoming and growing under the Golden Gifts of the Sun
I call upon the Goddess who has thrice blessed my family and me...
With this ale I drink of her love, with this bread I taste the grains blessed from above
With my spirit I call forth her guidance, from this Gold candle I light I cast the way for others to seek her knowledge."
I am but her child here to walk and learn upon this earth
This is my blessing so mote it be
so mote it mote it be.

Daily Tarot: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man + The Sacrifice of the Journey

The hanged man hangs not from his neck but upside down from one foot. He is in no real danger, just uncomfortable and in a precarious position that leaves him vulnerable.

Within the tarot he serves as a representation of a sacrifice...a choice one has to make between to sides, positions or a fork in the road so to speak. Whether for the good of others or for some future reason you may feel upside down or not yourself so to speak. Kind of like biding your time and waiting for that perfect spot to open up.

The hanged man requires a drastic change in perception or the way you view your problems, obstacles or issues in handling your situation or the other person. Then if taken that perspective your HUGE problem will seem so much more manageable and easy to complete.

Let the difficulties you face help create and build your character, this card deals with the bigger picture and long term. Its all about seeing the bigger picture, the wider truth and going beyond the petty small arguments or disagreements. Remember that TRUE sacrifice is made without worrying who wins what or who was right. Sometimes you have to act completely different in a situation that you normally would to reach the necessary effect or goals.

This card that I pulled today is really interesting for me to interpret. I have several things going on personally right now...issues with my daughter and of course I would go straight to her aid no matter what, but this issue...dictates that I actually LAY down the gauntlet and force her into doing what is right no matter what, which is not what I normally would require. This issue came up late last night which is funny that I drew this card today.

Then there is the argument I had with my fiance "THE TORCH" this morning...over stupid stuff as always in most fights. I haven't had a day off in forever, I am stressed and I thought we were on same page on one thing and then BOOM I realize we weren't and I got upset and went off. I really don't want to go into details but we both had some valid points. So, normally I would be very angry all day, but now...I am going to look at it from his perspective and cut him some slack. I will think very hard today on what all this card entails for me for the situations at hand now and in the future. I only wanna hang here for a little while...LOL.

Brightest Blessings )o(

Friday, July 30, 2010

Daily Tarot: Justice Card

Justice: Balancing the scales & responsibility of the Journey
This is one of those cards that are Major Arcana cards it is one of the many cards in this group that indicate personal journey for the individual. There are many ways to interpret these set of cards within your deck.
This JUSTICE card represents taking responsibility for your decisions and actions. There are two main lessons with this card of justice....1st you are responsible for your actions, 2nd what comes around goes around.
Those who pray for justice don't have alot of knowledge of the ancient Vedic laws of Karma-for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Today, Justice is one of our society's highest ideals. It demands we seek fairness on behalf of all citizens and help our victims and most have the ideal to punish evildoers and to protect ourselves and our loved ones against such actions that would cause them harm or malice.
Yet the ironic part of this is that justice is given by HUMANS who are not perfect, who make mistakes and do wrong. So, that can hinder the very justice they seek.
The Balance of perfect Justice represents is the ideal Balance. The double edged sword she holds is the reality.
The appearance of this card in a spread is a positive indicator of a law related issue. It could represent a favourable outcome in a judgement or legal case. However, it could also be relating to the relationship between cause and effect.
I drew this card early this morning and Whenever my fiance's Grandmother passed away I had a few HUMAN thoughts go through my head pertaining to how she was being taken advantage by a family member that was a drug abuser/seeker this person had been swindling her out her necessary prescription medications and possibly some of her money. So, when she did pass away, of course I was grieving I have known her since I was a child and the loss in the family is huge but in some small human part of my mind I was relieved I thought to myself...GOOD, now Pill Popper can't get any more drugs or money from this poor woman. Isn't that awful? Then I drew this card, I hope its telling me...she will get her justice Or maybe it was telling me that the scales will soon be balanced or are balancing as we speak.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Angelica Plant:

The Angelica Plant is said to have Magickal elements because it is supposed to protect against sickness and evil. Its dried roots was supposedly named after Archangel Michael for these very reasons.
Also it is noted that if burned like an incense it will cleanse the air of bad smells and malevolent spirits.

One can also Brew it and sip it like a tea its known for Leo the Lions' fiery zodiac due to its warming and stimulating effect when its leaves are either chewed or brewed. (Please avoid during pregnancy)

There are times you may have used this plant in a candied form while decorating cakes or desserts.

There are many times a week and even closer to Sabbats of the Wiccan Year that I try to implement items from my home, garden or environment to give back, to utilize and learn about.

This is one of those plants. I planted some herbs this past spring and they are growing in my kitchen windowsill from Angelica to Basil to Thyme to Sage. Its lovely and I am keeping so many small goals not only using them in my cooking and brewing but to use them during blessings/rituals. I hope many of you are managing the things you want in your daily lives and using them how you see fit.
Brightest Blessings during this Lammas....)o(

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Earth the Air the Fire the water(witcheschant)

Daily Tarot: Knight of Pentacles

Knight + Prince + Brother + Son

Time + Hot High Noon

Season + Middle of Summer

Think on the progression through the courts, Page...think about it, Knight....Act on it, Queen...feel it fully, King...become it.

In a reading the Knight can indicate a man/or woman, a foreboding action or a necessary action another person might take. Or a part of your will that needs work.

Elemental consider that Wands and swords are seen as male, Cups and Coins are seen as female.

The knights of wands is seen as leaving while the cups is seen as staying. Swords is charging ahead recklessly while coins is taking his time being slow and cautious. While sometimes the knights may go a little crazy and make mistakes, they always have good intentions because they are noble and earnest. They take criticism well. They are eager to learn and do what is right. They complete their tasks quickly and swiftly.

Knight of Coins/Pentacles:

Fire of Earth

This knight is cautious and steady of all the knights. He is more balanced than that of the page. He is able to look at the whole picture and weigh the odds in each angle. He also has steady gaze to realize the goal and how to reach the potential he needs. He knows he must be thrifty, use his energy wisely and yield successful results.

I think this card I drew earlier today has been telling me to slow down, think things through in every aspect that pertains to myself. I am extremely intelligent and studious in all I attempt to achieve. With my new promotion at work to keep an eye on details, follow through...sort of...SLOW AND STEADY wins the race. I will remember this lesson and work on myself and my focus to get to my goals.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Me and My Catholic Boy....

I wanted to include something personal on here and share because yesterday my sweetie lost his Grandmother.

We have known each other since Junior High School and we really never dated but I knew his sisters and swam at his house multiple times growing up. I had a huge crush on him. LOL

Then, after High School we parted ways, he married and divorced and then remarried and divorced.

I married another guy I dated since 9th grade and we were married about 18 years together 22 years. It did not work but from the experience I got two amazing beautiful kiddos out of it and lots of memories. I thought the divorce was the hardest thing I'd ever go through I was wrong.

The hardest thing I have gone through to date is the fear I have of my new relationship with my fiance' not working. I have alot of baggage left over from the first marriage and lots of self esteem issues I am currently working on improving.

This has been a huge personal journey as well as a spiritual one.

I am sixth generation Wiccan Kitchen Witch.

I love who I am and who I will yet become, I want to learn to appreciate all of my many flaws and imperfections.

All in all I am very blessed to have found such a love the second time around. Trust me, we have our ups and downs we have been together 3 years and engaged for one year so far. He accepts me, my altar and my witchy ways. He loves my 20 year old and my 18 year old. He laughs at my insane family who adores him and doesn't seem to have scared him off yet.

I am truly blessed.

As far as my ex husband he was a good man a good father and he is now remarried to an insane woman he only knew for 4 months before they were married. She has severe issues according to my Ex mother-in-law...(I still have an amazing relationship with her) The biggest issue I have with the new wife is her envious, ugly attitude about me. I left...moved on, she absolutely hates me. Normally it wouldn't be a huge deal, but she took it out on my two teenagers...needless to say it has put a huge DENT in their relationship with their father. That is sad really. They love him and need him but he can't seem to recognize this issue they have about her.

I hope for their sakes she can step the hell back and keep her mouth shut.

there...I thought it and I said it! LOL

How is that for grasping the "Evil Twin" in myself today! Boo-Yaw! LOL

Ok...I feel sorta bad but any who...for all those out there starting over or just working on yourselves...welcome I am right here with you!

Brightest Blessings and thanks for listening to my rant...Merry Meet! )o(

Daily Tarot: The Moon card

The Moon:

Season + Winter Solstice

Time + Witching hour

The real wonder of the tarot deck is a type of self discovery, a spiritual journey inward of one's inner most thoughts, desires and secrets. This card is of the Major Arcana cards...
They reveal ourselves from the stumbling Fool, through to the wise Hermit and ending with the options of the gifts of the World.

The Moon card is part of this important journey into self discovery and self acceptance.
For you can't have Light without Dark, you can't have Happiness without Sadness, Truth without Lies, Good without Evil.

It is but a scale a balancing scales just like my zodiac Libra the Scales.
I have worked very hard to grasp the points in my life that are positive, uplifting and moving ever forward and even one of my very best friends refers to me as the person in the rose colored glasses.

When I drew this beautiful amazing card this morning...I thought on it for awhile...noticed the pool of emotion and its reflection in my life and thoughts, saw myself as two people, the white, spiritually uplifting person I try to attain and become then I saw my darker, emotional, sometimes depressed, lonely individual with my woes and sadness that sometimes manages to envelope myself.
That persona that part of me I tend to keep hidden away and avoid, but even at my darkest hours I realize that she is a HUGE part of my strengths and my creativity. She is the emotion I find within myself to drive myself forward and excel and change to what is required.

I think my cards are trying to show me to work with my shadow self, face and accept my "Evil" twin so to speak. Listen to that little voice in my head that says things I don't want to hear that tries to open my eyes to the reality as a whole. Its the Queen Bitch that isn't liked but revered, respected and followed sometimes to bigger and better opportunities.
The first intention in any spiritual pursuit is to seek the light and to do good, but once you have begun you start realizing that it is the rythm of duality that you must embrace to understand its cycles and movements within all life and energies.
Birth>Death, Embrace>Deny it is but an ever changing circle pattern within us all.

It is not the cards that are wrong or incorrect but it is the duty of the interpretation or interpreter to gather the information the cards have dealt and put them accordingly to how you deem the information pivotal or necessary.

I have always hated the thought of reading my cards for ME...because I was afraid I would SEE what I wanted to see or interpret them how I needed them to be for me. What is interesting is the more I delve into my daily card tarot readings, the more I am breaking them down...really thinking on them for 24 hours and realizing its not what I WANT to see but what they truly are guiding me to realize.
They can't predict the future...they can advise me of my options and those are there with or without my cards. They just give me further knowledge to help me along my path. Again, this is just my personal opinion, just my beliefs please you are free to tell me your ideas on this as well. I love so many ideas and opinions and I welcome yours.

One can use these cards to help guide, manifest/banish elements from your life and help change your life based upon your decisions or guidance.
When you are working with these energies be sure that you have Clear intent, without a clear goal, you can end up getting rid of the very thing you are trying to fix or that is trying to call to you or strengthening the very thing you are trying to remove.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hail Queen Hatshepsut

Today I just wanted to celebrate the first female pharaoh of ancient Egypt she was born on July 27.
She was the daughter of Thutmose I, she effectively governed Egypt after her fathers death. She had herself crowned Maatkare Hatshepsut in around 1473 BC.
Although later, her nephew destroyed many of her monuments and records those that survived represent this "Builder" Pharaoh as being authoritative and powerful as any man. (even to the point of her often being portrayed with masculine characteristics).

This is a solar, fire-element day so light a candle to honor remarkable achievements of Hatshepsut.
The English translation of her name: "First Distinguished Women, Joined with Amun."

I love Egypt and in fact it is primarily the pantheon from which I draw many strengths or power that I need for myself from. I have the book..."The Wicca book of Days" by Selena Eilidh Ash

I find many interesting points like this one from it and it keeps me on a sort of daily routine to just find the female power or strength within myself and some small tidbit on small things to focus myself upon.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
Brightest Blessings )o(

Ace of Cups

Well, unfortunately I missed my daily tarot reading due to the fact that I am human. So, moving ever forward I came down early today admist a cup of hot tea and honey I drew another card for today and behold it was the Ace of Cups!
Ace + Birth
Cups + Water + Emotion
The cups cards show up in readings where issues at stake pertain mainly to emotions, feelings and relationships. The energies in this suit relate to water and water flows it is dynamic, changeable and it cleanses and heals.
Season + Autumn
Direction + West
Time + Beginning
The appearance of the Ace could represent stirrings of new emotions or relationships. Then again, the new relationship could represent just a change in yourself. Let your happiness be your first consideration is what it could be trying to tell you.
Let the Ace encourage you to do what makes YOU feel good or what you feel is RIGHT for you.
I find this very important to me at this stage... my new relationships at work hence my career changing and the fact that it is probably showing me my new found strengths in my spiritual endeavors on my path of trying to get a better bonding with my cards. Its interesting here how no matter the card it tends to circle around together with me as the KEY aspect here. It is not the cards that are right or wrong it is the interpretation and what they represent to ME.
I actually look forward to each day and what I will pull and how I will focus it into my daily routine and life.
I am such a Goddess!
Brightest Blessings all...)o(