Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six of Wands...Day 6

6 + Resolution

Wands + Fire + Passion

Job, Career, Passion, Willpower, action, love, strength, truth and justice- any area that relates to Fire.

Season-Summer, Time-High Noon, Direction-South

this card represents....Congratulations!

It means victory is yours. You have won that power struggle and can now be open to positive communication. Be ready to get good news and act upon it. Graciously accept praise that is well deserved and accept it with a "Thank you" instead of a "Think nothing of it".
Appreciate your own worth and value and expect others to do the same.

Six sides, six angles make up the hexagon. When struggling with the 5's take six deep breaths and look at your problem from six different angles. Imagine six different resolutions no matter how unsolvable the situation may seem. Consider the sixth chakra is your "Third Eye" the core of your psychic vision as well as the mind and all the functions of the brain and head.

6th Chakra or Third Eye:

color purple- eyes, head, brain, intuition, mind, intellect & imagination.

Gaining knowledge of the Seven Chakras or energy centres of the body is a great way to learn more about yourself and to understand what is going on in your life.

I have really had so much going on lately and swimming through my mind has almost felt too cluttered. I work late nights right now and when I get home and climb into bed between takes me sooo long to wind down and clear my mind. Also with this being the sixth day, pulling a #6 card the Wands that represents my job and my self esteem...they do ride hand in hand and of all days to get this on a full moon when I have been steadily going upward and feeling a lot stronger is impressive. :)
I love researching these cards....going by how they represent themselves to me as I draw one from my beautiful deck. I feel very strong, beautiful, talented and resourceful.
So, as I move forward and get to some amazing point during this section of my journey I will be relaxing a bit, nodding my head and graciously accepting the praise that comes my way that is well deserved.
Brightest Blessings all.


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