Saturday, July 24, 2010

That Witchy Feeling

There are sooo many lovely, inspirational, crafty & knowledgeable blogs out there. I leap from one to the other and I ohhhhhh and I ahhhhh. It is really strange, I have so many ideas, stories and bits & pieces to share as well. What I do find inspiring is the thrill I get and the excitement we all seem to share in the craft on our own spiritual journeys/quest/paths.
As I sit here in front of my glowing screen each night after work slowly unwinding and thinking of which Witch/Wiccan/Herbal/Tarot book I want to dive into only to realize I am already reading three at my nightstand table I get a sly smile across my face. Its comforting to me to know there are so many talented people out there with so much to offer as well.
Then I move toward my lovely black Altar Ar moire and open the doors pull out my incense and candle baskets....light some lovely lights and then wait as the air slowly begins to ooze that lovely scent that I many options there in my baskets. Then I work with my tarot, pull out a few herbs and just wait, wait for that moment to hit that I have where I get this feeling of what I want to do or say or create.
It is imagination, it is instinct, it is knowledge, it is creative, it is MAGICK.
I look forward to meeting each and every one of you that brush past me in motion. I welcome your advice, your knowledge your energy.
May the Goddess bless you along your path whatever it may be and wherever it may lead.
)o( Brightest Blessings...

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