Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily Tarot: The Moon card

The Moon:

Season + Winter Solstice

Time + Witching hour

The real wonder of the tarot deck is a type of self discovery, a spiritual journey inward of one's inner most thoughts, desires and secrets. This card is of the Major Arcana cards...
They reveal ourselves from the stumbling Fool, through to the wise Hermit and ending with the options of the gifts of the World.

The Moon card is part of this important journey into self discovery and self acceptance.
For you can't have Light without Dark, you can't have Happiness without Sadness, Truth without Lies, Good without Evil.

It is but a scale a balancing scales just like my zodiac Libra the Scales.
I have worked very hard to grasp the points in my life that are positive, uplifting and moving ever forward and even one of my very best friends refers to me as the person in the rose colored glasses.

When I drew this beautiful amazing card this morning...I thought on it for awhile...noticed the pool of emotion and its reflection in my life and thoughts, saw myself as two people, the white, spiritually uplifting person I try to attain and become then I saw my darker, emotional, sometimes depressed, lonely individual with my woes and sadness that sometimes manages to envelope myself.
That persona that part of me I tend to keep hidden away and avoid, but even at my darkest hours I realize that she is a HUGE part of my strengths and my creativity. She is the emotion I find within myself to drive myself forward and excel and change to what is required.

I think my cards are trying to show me to work with my shadow self, face and accept my "Evil" twin so to speak. Listen to that little voice in my head that says things I don't want to hear that tries to open my eyes to the reality as a whole. Its the Queen Bitch that isn't liked but revered, respected and followed sometimes to bigger and better opportunities.
The first intention in any spiritual pursuit is to seek the light and to do good, but once you have begun you start realizing that it is the rythm of duality that you must embrace to understand its cycles and movements within all life and energies.
Birth>Death, Embrace>Deny it is but an ever changing circle pattern within us all.

It is not the cards that are wrong or incorrect but it is the duty of the interpretation or interpreter to gather the information the cards have dealt and put them accordingly to how you deem the information pivotal or necessary.

I have always hated the thought of reading my cards for ME...because I was afraid I would SEE what I wanted to see or interpret them how I needed them to be for me. What is interesting is the more I delve into my daily card tarot readings, the more I am breaking them down...really thinking on them for 24 hours and realizing its not what I WANT to see but what they truly are guiding me to realize.
They can't predict the future...they can advise me of my options and those are there with or without my cards. They just give me further knowledge to help me along my path. Again, this is just my personal opinion, just my beliefs please you are free to tell me your ideas on this as well. I love so many ideas and opinions and I welcome yours.

One can use these cards to help guide, manifest/banish elements from your life and help change your life based upon your decisions or guidance.
When you are working with these energies be sure that you have Clear intent, without a clear goal, you can end up getting rid of the very thing you are trying to fix or that is trying to call to you or strengthening the very thing you are trying to remove.

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