Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gathering my Books about me...

MMmmmmm the rain has moved in....I sleep so much better in rain...I do...I have been reading alot lately trying to fill in some void of knowledge that I am lacking or having a craving for.
Don't ask me what I am reading...ask me which one I like best...yes, I am one of those LOL reading 2-3 books most all the time and I like a wide variety for my nightstand next to my cozy bed.
1. "Hedge Witch" by Silver RavenWolf
2. "Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells" by Judika Illes
3. "The Real Witches' Kitchen" by Kate West

My books are upstairs and I am not feeling like moving upstairs to see who wrote what so hopefully I remembered the names of the books and authors well enough ...that is me...cozy, comfy and Blah.

Of course I am also reading....a few books with my girls....just to see what they are thinking and how they are digesting what they are reading....something to talk about while conjouring up our wonderful dinner.
I am totally in love with books...I don't believe there has been one I would ever turn away and I would NEVER sell or get rid of my babies.
I completely believe in the old saying, "Knowledge is Power".

Hoping to get a Library list started....so tune in and join my book club...any books worth reading? let me know....I am grabbing my car keys and heading out to the local Book Traders store see you there my friends.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Merry Meet:

I am a "Guardian" its what I do.
My whole life seems to have been about being Wiccan....studying the craft and gathering knowledge to perfect, empower & enlighten myself.
I welcome those with positive energies and their view points also their knowledge to somehow interact with mine so that I may be better suited to follow my path as well.
I have several Gods/esses that I follow from different pantheons...some of those are:
Brigid ....among others
The only pantheon I do not perfer is the Christian pantheon for personal reasons.

I am an open Wicca Witch...I do not hide although I do not flaunt my spiritual choices as well...I try to quietly do as I see fit with respect to others and what they choose to believe.
Here in Arkansas it is quite the "Bible Belt" and not that there is anything wrong with that for those following that path, just they Assume you are too....and unless they are familiar with the small signs I wear....there is no question. :)
I wear a small, perfect pentacle necklace very beautiful and very close to my heart.
I have a working altar in my parlor....which I am constantly bumbling around in...I also have quite the beautiful library....which is beautiful and breathtaking...I have a thirst for knowledge.
I am quite the cook and homemaker and have raised two beautiful teenagers.
I am a woman of divorce....I needed it although it broke my heart....we get along quite well for all purposes mostly because of our two beautiful teenagers.
I have much to offer and even more to learn....

Merry Meet...