Friday, October 8, 2010

Realization Spell:

A few weeks ago I went on a Retreat for me and my Best Friend. We did some reconnecting with nature, some serious laughing and a bit of wine drinking, then we scooted up to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a bit of nifty niche' shopping. I love trying to find things that I can utilize in a way they were not meant to be used but they fit so well in that role! During that time, I had worked up a few blessings and its during then that I had found a Realization Spell and worked it to the way I needed it.
See, my exhusband & I used to get on so well until the NEW wife. She hates me, but that is beside the point. The problem is she has worked really hard to seperate him from our two teenagers. It breaks my heart and makes me VERY angry. A time or two if I had dabbled in Black Magick....I would have then.
But, (shakes head) I thought and thought and meditated on my to remove my kids from hurting and make the Ex husband realize the pain he is inflicting...that was it! A realization Spell. I pulled things I had from him over the years...personal items...then I pulled a photo with him from High School (see we had been high school sweeties). But alas, I had NOTHING of her..the NEW wife. Then a friend of mine said...write her name on something...I DID...I got out my inkwell/glass pen set & used the crimson ink & wrote her name on the back of his photo...I left all of this on my altar for a few days till the new moon...time for banishing and I banish the negativity from our lives.
I asked Harm ye none' asked that they realize the pain they have caused and lie in the bed they have made...something to that affect...It's much better than this...I just find it very personal so I won't really elaborate here.
The point is...I took back some power for ME & my kids...while making sure we were like a mirror that whatever they sent...came back three fold with harm to none.
I feel better and I feel proud that I managed to call forth my personal power and ideas and cast them into motion. I also set a circle of protection around me and my two kids. There that should fix it...Now I am work on some altar work and read some lovely blogs!
Brightest Blessings )o(

Seven Blessings Bottles:

These are a rendition of Eileen Holland's Seven Blessing Bottles:

I have three amazing women in my life who I wanted to do something special I gathered my library and started thumbing through different projects to put a spin on what I wanted.


Although I adapted it to jars and added some of my own goodies inside for the followed same outline.

1st layer: salt (To purify & cleanse) 2nd layer: Pine needles from my yard for Health 3rd layer: some dried rose petals (I had done myself) & cinnamon for Love 4th Layer: my own rubbed sage for prosperity 5th layer some home grown Basil from my summer garden for Peace 6th layer: Black Pepper & Garlic powder for Protection 7th layer: Dill weed & Bay Leaves for Good luck. Last top layer is some Sugar to sweeten the charm/spell and seal the deal.

You want to be sure to use DRIED ingridents for that will keep things from getting mold or soggy.

This jar/bottle is to bring forth good blessings/fortune to you and your home. It can be hidden in a closet or cabinet by front door where all things must enter...preferrably somewhere dark.

You want to attract these positive things to your doorstep and you and especially protection for yourself and your home.

I did a little blessing and sealed them with White candle wax to give it that "Witchy" appearance. I think they are lovely...they have been created, blessed and sealed. give them to my friends, what a wonderful start to the Witches' New Year for me! :)

Brightest Blessings )o(