Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Journey today:

Today we are taking my son back to school which is about two hours away...I am happy, yet I am grieving.

He is 18 and it is his senior year he is so excited so he will not SEE my sadness. He knows I love him and wish he were here with me. Since my divorce, I had to relocate due to the economy and my Ex husband still lives in the same town giving our son a chance to graduate with the friends he has had since kindergarten. That I am so very blessed for.
He is not actually living with his father, he does not get along with the NEW wife. Which is sad, although her fault not his as I stated earlier in one of my blogs, she has alot of hatred for me. Sadly its not necessary but I guess he and I and our history we dated since ninth grade and were together almost 23 years, married 18 years and two amazing children.

I know what you think...but I left him actually. I mustered my strength for about 3 years before leaving. The only regret I have in leaving is the hardship it placed on my two teenagers. We were really good friends during and after the divorce until the NEW WIFE. Its only about my kids now and their relationship with their father which is non existent. That breaks my heart.

But, of my rant....LOL....My son is living with his friend he has known since Kindergarten and their family is wonderful and kind to my son and so welcoming we are blessed to have that option.
Now, amidst my feelings and the traveling I will not be really posting today....But I drew the Three of Swords today which is exactly where my heart is today and probably the next few days because when my children are not close my depression tends to move in more on me. I hope you all understand.

Brightest Blessings...)o(


  1. I am sorry for your sadness. I can only imagine what it must feel like. My oldest has not gone away to college yet. I figure that will be some time next year after she's gotten her portfolio together and applied to the college(s).

    You are lucky and blessed to have some one he can stay with while he finishes his last year of school.

    That woman needs to get over herself and move on. She seems really selfish to be doing what she can to alienate your children from their dad. Hopefully one day soon, he will see what is going on and remedy it.

    Bright blessings and hugs!

  2. Thanks so much ellie for your kind words they mean alot to me. Many Many thanks.


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