Saturday, July 24, 2010

Four of Pentacles, Day Five:

Pentacles + Coins + Earth + Physicality

Cards that belong to the Coins suit relate to home, health, money, basic survival, prosperity, accomplishments and the energies of greed.
The element represented here is Earth and all that is associated with it that is solid, stable and reliable.The Story related by the coins cards could be a new job or a physical endeavor.
The Season is WINTER, the time is Midnight and the direction is NORTH.

This card puts the spotlight on possessiveness and reveals the way you relate to your possessions. Do you take good care of them? Are you willing to share them?This card is about getting more or having more than you truly need. Which of course is fine in times of plenty, it is also an important notice to NOT treat people as possessions.
The number 4 also indicates BALANCE for FOUR is a quartet, a fourfold path to freedom.

I find this card interesting given the new movements within my career over the past few days. Also the FOUR here along with the pentacles. I do feel secure right now and am thinking of ways to hold $$ back to plan ahead and hermit away so to speak. Maybe this card is telling me...enjoy it...breathe will be fine. I will meditate and think further on what this card is trying to tell me.
)o( Brightest Blessings All...

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