Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Tarot: Knight of Pentacles

Knight + Prince + Brother + Son

Time + Hot High Noon

Season + Middle of Summer

Think on the progression through the courts, Page...think about it, Knight....Act on it, Queen...feel it fully, King...become it.

In a reading the Knight can indicate a man/or woman, a foreboding action or a necessary action another person might take. Or a part of your will that needs work.

Elemental consider that Wands and swords are seen as male, Cups and Coins are seen as female.

The knights of wands is seen as leaving while the cups is seen as staying. Swords is charging ahead recklessly while coins is taking his time being slow and cautious. While sometimes the knights may go a little crazy and make mistakes, they always have good intentions because they are noble and earnest. They take criticism well. They are eager to learn and do what is right. They complete their tasks quickly and swiftly.

Knight of Coins/Pentacles:

Fire of Earth

This knight is cautious and steady of all the knights. He is more balanced than that of the page. He is able to look at the whole picture and weigh the odds in each angle. He also has steady gaze to realize the goal and how to reach the potential he needs. He knows he must be thrifty, use his energy wisely and yield successful results.

I think this card I drew earlier today has been telling me to slow down, think things through in every aspect that pertains to myself. I am extremely intelligent and studious in all I attempt to achieve. With my new promotion at work to keep an eye on details, follow through...sort of...SLOW AND STEADY wins the race. I will remember this lesson and work on myself and my focus to get to my goals.

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