Saturday, July 24, 2010

Merry Meet:

Of all the strangest things....a few Wiccans'/Eclectics have crossed my path as of late. Of course here in this small Christian town its rare. Let alone to meet Three that would recognize my pentacle for what it is and comment on it while wearing theirs just as proudly. I must say it was wonderful. To smile at someone who is just as open minded as myself and kind about my choice of beliefs and on a similar path as I am. I would like to think of it as a gift from The wonderful Goddess that encompasses and surrounds us all.
Even I go thru this journey once in awhile feeling all alone, trying to feed that hunger of knowledge and self empowerment it can be difficult at times. Then not once, not twice but three times this week before the lovely silvery full moon is at her most bountiful moment she guided three to stop and talk with me a moment along my Solitary journey. It made me smile and realize how one moment, one glance, one small acknowledgement can move your heart and bring some hope and joy. I wish others no matter their beliefs, their knowledge, their quest to get that small nudge in the right direction or that small push to know that they have the passion to go forward into whatever dark abyss and move even one ounce in the direction they deem necessary. To all the fellow light bringers and my three timely comrades "Merry Meet and safe passage along your quest/journey this lovely night". You are not alone and thank you for reminding that I am not either.
)o( Brightest Blessings

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