Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Me and My Catholic Boy....

I wanted to include something personal on here and share because yesterday my sweetie lost his Grandmother.

We have known each other since Junior High School and we really never dated but I knew his sisters and swam at his house multiple times growing up. I had a huge crush on him. LOL

Then, after High School we parted ways, he married and divorced and then remarried and divorced.

I married another guy I dated since 9th grade and we were married about 18 years together 22 years. It did not work but from the experience I got two amazing beautiful kiddos out of it and lots of memories. I thought the divorce was the hardest thing I'd ever go through I was wrong.

The hardest thing I have gone through to date is the fear I have of my new relationship with my fiance' not working. I have alot of baggage left over from the first marriage and lots of self esteem issues I am currently working on improving.

This has been a huge personal journey as well as a spiritual one.

I am sixth generation Wiccan Kitchen Witch.

I love who I am and who I will yet become, I want to learn to appreciate all of my many flaws and imperfections.

All in all I am very blessed to have found such a love the second time around. Trust me, we have our ups and downs we have been together 3 years and engaged for one year so far. He accepts me, my altar and my witchy ways. He loves my 20 year old and my 18 year old. He laughs at my insane family who adores him and doesn't seem to have scared him off yet.

I am truly blessed.

As far as my ex husband he was a good man a good father and he is now remarried to an insane woman he only knew for 4 months before they were married. She has severe issues according to my Ex mother-in-law...(I still have an amazing relationship with her) The biggest issue I have with the new wife is her envious, ugly attitude about me. I left...moved on, she absolutely hates me. Normally it wouldn't be a huge deal, but she took it out on my two teenagers...needless to say it has put a huge DENT in their relationship with their father. That is sad really. They love him and need him but he can't seem to recognize this issue they have about her.

I hope for their sakes she can step the hell back and keep her mouth shut.

there...I thought it and I said it! LOL

How is that for grasping the "Evil Twin" in myself today! Boo-Yaw! LOL

Ok...I feel sorta bad but any who...for all those out there starting over or just working on yourselves...welcome I am right here with you!

Brightest Blessings and thanks for listening to my rant...Merry Meet! )o(


  1. It's a shame that this person feels the need to do what she is doing and that your ex doesn't see the problem it's causing. Hopefully one day, he will realize it and can make amends with your children.

    Thank you for the comments you've left on my blog. They mean a lot to me. Bright Blessings!

  2. Unfortunately-this seems to happen to a lot of people I know. It truly is a sad situation for the kids. Luckily for you though, they are older and wiser and can see the manipulation for themselves. Good Luck and New Follower here. Blessed Be~

  3. many thanks ladies... Your comments are greatly appreciated and very kind.


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