Friday, July 23, 2010

Five of wands

Day Four: Drew Five of Wands
This card represents CHALLENGE
Wands + Fire + Passion
Again this suit is more likely to be geared towards areas of your life that are touched by passion, intuition, willpower, action the yang principle, love & strength, truth and justice. Any area that relates to FIRE. You might see it relating to your job, career along with relationships, season here is summer, time of high noon (like the gunslingers of the old west) and direction North...(like going up) and usually pertains to GUT instinct.
This card brings with it notions of healthy competition, constructive criticisim and enjoyable debate. It invites me to test my power, will and skil in competition with others. Cooperation here is the key. Expand myself to accomodate others and view past what I want or wish or am thinking to view from their points of view. No right or wrong answer here....just a chance to move forward in ANY direction I choose.
I find this card interesting....not only is it a wand...which means alot to me because of how my Career is progressing and changing the dynamics now in front of me as we speak, but because of some of the personal strife I am having at the moment within my personal significant close friend.
It truly is a sign...I will watch..wait and get ready to debate. But of course all the while...listening to the other side as well.
Bring it on! I am ready....well as ready as I will ever be! LOL

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