Friday, July 30, 2010

Daily Tarot: Justice Card

Justice: Balancing the scales & responsibility of the Journey
This is one of those cards that are Major Arcana cards it is one of the many cards in this group that indicate personal journey for the individual. There are many ways to interpret these set of cards within your deck.
This JUSTICE card represents taking responsibility for your decisions and actions. There are two main lessons with this card of justice....1st you are responsible for your actions, 2nd what comes around goes around.
Those who pray for justice don't have alot of knowledge of the ancient Vedic laws of Karma-for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Today, Justice is one of our society's highest ideals. It demands we seek fairness on behalf of all citizens and help our victims and most have the ideal to punish evildoers and to protect ourselves and our loved ones against such actions that would cause them harm or malice.
Yet the ironic part of this is that justice is given by HUMANS who are not perfect, who make mistakes and do wrong. So, that can hinder the very justice they seek.
The Balance of perfect Justice represents is the ideal Balance. The double edged sword she holds is the reality.
The appearance of this card in a spread is a positive indicator of a law related issue. It could represent a favourable outcome in a judgement or legal case. However, it could also be relating to the relationship between cause and effect.
I drew this card early this morning and Whenever my fiance's Grandmother passed away I had a few HUMAN thoughts go through my head pertaining to how she was being taken advantage by a family member that was a drug abuser/seeker this person had been swindling her out her necessary prescription medications and possibly some of her money. So, when she did pass away, of course I was grieving I have known her since I was a child and the loss in the family is huge but in some small human part of my mind I was relieved I thought to myself...GOOD, now Pill Popper can't get any more drugs or money from this poor woman. Isn't that awful? Then I drew this card, I hope its telling me...she will get her justice Or maybe it was telling me that the scales will soon be balanced or are balancing as we speak.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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