Friday, August 6, 2010

Deosil & Withershins

When you are casting, dancing, moving or meditating in a circle for a ritual/blessing purposes, most refer to the direction described as either Desoil or Withershins.
Both originate from the Irish Gaelic DEISEAL, "turning to the right" this means CLOCKWISE, the direction in which the sun moves in the northern hemisphere and in which circles are usually cast for positive magick.
Withershins or Widdershins which originates from the German words WIDER "against" and SINN "Sense" means counterclockwise and this is used primarily for banishing direction and used for negative magick.
I found this piece of knowledge very helpful when I first started really putting together some blessings/rituals. I love books and this came from
"THE WICCA BOOK OF DAYS" by Selena Eilidh Ash.
I love it because it is not a calendar by the YEAR, but an idea of what things can meld into or do during certain days of the year. It gives me ideas, activities and bits of knowledge that I can implement and even history and translations into what I am working with at that point in the Sabbat. I hope everyone picks up a good book this week and puts it into use. KNOWLEDGE is power and to seek knowledge is to begin to understand fully.
Brightest Blessings Always )o(


  1. I'd forgotten I have that book as well. I'll need to pull it out and start looking at it again.

    Great post!

  2. Question: Any idea who the artist of this picture is? I'm trying to track them down.


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