Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daily Tarot: 9 Of Wands

Nine of Wands + Accomplishment
3 Threes combine in the 9, so here we find the energy of the 3's, the resolution of the 6's and the rewards of the 9's.
This is your last chance to finish something you may have started before the cycle completes. Think of the 9's as a sign, a sign that its time to look where you have been and complete, reflect or think of where you are presently in your journey for your path.
Consider that although 10 finishes the suits, the 9's are the last finishing classes required for Graduation.
This card is a representation of will and personal power. You either are on the winning side or have already won. Merely stay with the task at hand and complete what you have begun and it will be done. The end is in sight so stay on course. Let the marks left by your struggles be worn as your badge of honour and skill.
Wands + Fire + Passion
Time + High Noon
Season + Summer
Direction + South
Wands represent the elemental Fire because wood fuels fire. This usually also has meaning about following your gut instinct.
I have had quite a few changes this past weekend...both kids moving out and moving on. It has been really hard on me emotionally from sadness, depression, pride and excitement. But even though every part of me is screaming to go...tell my kids..PLEASE stay! I know...NO, my GUT instinct is saying...THIS IS RIGHT. This is their journey and a beginning of a new journey for me...Life cycles and this is the right path at the right time.
I realize one is 20 and the other 18 this is an important right of passage for them and me. I have done well as a guardian and must move a bit out of my comfort zone to let them begin their paths.
I have faith the Goddess will guide and protect them along their way and in the midst of all this, I am facing a new promotion with work as well. So, yes...the end is in sight and I will stay the course.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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