Saturday, August 7, 2010

Up to Interpretation...

Welcome and Merry Meet....

In case you are new to my blog I usually do a daily reading of MY personal tarot cards.
Everyday I start out at some point to draw from my tarot deck and think on what I have drawn...what it means...what it represents.
I then use several sites, books and personal notes and teachings to decipher what they are and what they mean.

It is a way for me to connect on a more personal level with my Magick and utilize my knowledge.
I also use my blog for sort of a PERSONAL Journal for my tarot stuff.
I fully believe that only WE...ourselves are in control of our paths, our journeys, our choices and freewill.
The cards just show what we must take or make of each situation based on how we interpret these cards and what they mean.
There are so many, many decks and items out there you can use to help you along the best friend reads Runes, my sister tea leaves, another cousin of mine uses the pendulum. I love all of these devices, although I am drawn and have always been drawn to TAROT cards.
When I flip over a card a million things run through my head and heart...its as if they are speaking to me.
I actually prefer to read people I don't know because when I DO KNOW them...i tend to put more of THEM and their personalities into the helps, but sometimes, makes me feel like I am cheating although I am not. I am quite gifted at reading tarot I also am quite well at reading Energy.
I love so many different eclectic things and love to search out new and different ways to do things.
I do appreciate your taking the time to read what I have to say about my daily tarot and I hope in some small way I help you further your knowledge as well during this part of my path.
Please keep in mind though...the cards are not wrong.
It is simply based upon the interpreter.
You could have one deck and five different people reading the same deck...all would probably read them completely different. Lost in translation? LOL
Simple.....remember...its all based upon interpretation.
Go have fun...Grab your deck thanks for sitting and listening to my insanity for awhile.

Brightest Blessings )o(

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