Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mother Moon's Eat, Pray & Love Giveaway:

Mother Moon's Eat, Pray & Love Giveaway:

Mother Moon's Blog about EAT, PRAY & LOVE is inspiring...I have to admit that at first...I didn't understand exactly what she wanted or meant, I don't have her book nor had I heard it before...then reading her previous blog...It struck home with me. I loved her idea! I think she is quite inspirational and wonderful at leading us to what we need to consider or think about...I find it very moving.

So, this is my tribute to her blog...about my EAT, PRAY & LOVE....


OMG...I get all shaky and weak at the knees when I see or smell desserts...I am such a Foodie....a total junkie when it comes to the sweet stuff, of course I am a Kitchen Witch and If you ask my friends...I love, love, love cooking everything! The feeling I get when I am in the kitchen being creative, whipping this together, mixing that up with that and smelling it bake and sizzle and the fragrances wafting through my home and the pride I have when I serve it up to my family is beyond satisfying for myself. I am so blessed to have such a drive as a matter of fact last night after making an Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie...I whipped up a hot, lava fudge cake and topped it steaming right out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...YUM YUM YUMMY! So, yes, mine does change daily as far as my eats go as with any good Foodie...but I have to admit that Chocolate is my vice.

My Pray: My personal journey

This one is one of many for me I am afraid....I have ADHD and a tad OCD as well...with Libra mixed in I am a total AIR SIGN and I love doing, going and constantly have a book in my hand...Knowledge is power. I have my biggest love of the Egyptian Pantheon and myself. I call on different Gods/esses whenever I need to attribute a characteristic or two and there are daily mantra's in which I try to include on myself, within myself. I believe so many different angles and ideas are a necessary part of my life...There are moments I feel side swiped or let down but those are fewer and fewer as my days go forth. I have a wonderful head start into my personal being and my ideals. I accept all those around me and their faiths. I am but a Guardian on my path of knowledge. I Pray daily for the guidance and understanding to further me along my journey of self knowledge, spirituality and contentment. My daily thought usually pertains to...I ask it...I seek it...I say it...So mote it be.

My Love: My heart
Here goes....My Heart is what contains my love, First and foremost my two children who btw are young adults now :) they are what I call PURE TRUE holds barred no strings attached just TRUE LOVE. fiance' he is my mate he is Catholic yet, he fully accepts me and my weirdness and loves me more for it. He completes me.
Third...My family/friends they are the best and remind me daily of that from the smallest phone call to uplift me, to the kindest gift of listening and honesty.
Finally...Myself...I have learned after years of abuse by my stepfather(physical, emotional, mental) my ex husband (mentally degrading) that I am Beautiful, worthy and deserve kindness and love and acceptance no matter my size or rank in life. The hardest part was learning to love and accept myself for me and my flaws...the human condition...gotta love it.
I am but a Goddess and I am worthy. ( seems like a funny skit from the mirror guy on SNL) LOL...but it works and has been a journey to be able to accept that.

Now, I have bared my Eat, Pray and Love to you all, I just want to say I fully appreciate Mother Moon for guiding me down this was hard, yet rewarding, strange to be so open but felt amazing. Many, Many thanks Mother Moon! I will be getting that book too hopefully!

Brightest Blessings )o(

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  1. thank you for your kind words and even more for your wonderful post..... I get the same way with chocolate... White Lindt chocolate can make me melt... :-)


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