Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Road home...

Well, today the day was LONG it was sad and exciting for me as we took my son back to the town in which he will be attending his senior year. He is 18 now and very ready to take on the world. I love that in him. I smiled...laughed we talked and he knows I don't want him to go, yet he didn't see that. I wanted him to be excited I didn't want to spoil it for him or make him feel guilty.
As we drew closer to home...I admired the sunset amidst my tears. I was inspired by it and it lifted me. The beautiful colors with the Golden sun as he sank down into the deeper blues. This picture from my phone just doesn't do it justice.
Later, I found 20 year old is moving out as well. One can say I was double whammied. Its ok though. As sad as I am, I would say the Hanged Man card saw this coming. I will not be upset...My kids are both beginning new chapters in their journeys and I want to inspire them...let them go as they need to. I will be encouraging and help all I can as they move forward to their paths in life. May the Goddess protect, love and light their way. Brightest Blessings Always )o(.

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  1. What lovely pictures and heartfelt emotion. I remember the bittersweet sadness I felt as the kids left the nest. You are very wise to allow them to enjoy their new freedom. Brightest blessings to you!


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