Saturday, August 7, 2010

Daily Tarot: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Knight + Prince + Brother + Son
Cups/coins represent female aspects
Knight of Cups usually stays....
Fire of water (emotions)
Affirmations associated: Usually shares life with others.
This knight is usually overcome with his feelings or emotions regarding relationships or love, passion, righteousness all these feelings from within his heart.
He takes feelings VERY seriously. He truly tends to believe or represent the commitment at hand and the pride and truth he feels that these situations represent to him.
He tends to size up the situation and ACT on them. He doesn't wait like the page before him.
Follow your in the moment....accept these feelings for what they NOT over think, just act on it.
~Personal Note~
Lately, I have tried to take a step back and quit letting my first failed marriage and the baggage I had brought with me from that hinder my current relationships. I have alot of low self esteem issues as each and every one of us tend to suffer from during different phases of our lives. But lately, since picking up on my blog and the daily tarot things I am doing, my eyes are clearer, and my heart is better and quite frankly I have ALOT more confidence than I have had.
Also, my fiance' and I are doing well so well in fact, I quit chasing him for security and self worth issues that he is now CHASING me! :)
I did not plan this, I did not want to play games, it has just come about by me placing my self worth in MYSELF I became more appealing to him. Isn't that funny?
I guess it goes to show men do seem to like confident women. I know I am really pleased and happy with myself and it is showing in every facet of my life.
So, I hope during your journey you are able to sit on your white horse and enjoy you cup of emotions and plenty and just ACT ON your worth where it should be...IN YOURSELF.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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