Monday, August 9, 2010

Positive Vibes:

Beauty: Women, Friendship, Truth, Love
Sometimes in life we are the yin to another's yang.
There are moments of could have, should have, would have that we live through, endure and mostly learn from.
Sadness, depression, loneliness, angst, hate, fear, loathing all are important stages of life and very necessary. Without these you wouldn't understand or appreciate happiness, joy, confidence, love, calm, strength and pride.
There are moments in ones life where you stumble, fall and live through a phase of baggage and isolation at our own hands. In these desperate moments you have your "Friends" to lift you, ground you, center you, and listen to you without fail.
I have those friends....I also realize I haven't been that friend. Sadly, I let my ass over ride my mouth and gave opinions that were not asked for, needed or wanted and they created a rift and hurt feelings that I never wanted or would have purposely done.
For my actions I have been without one of my dearest friends because I should have been her safe place to fall, as she was mine and she was amazing about it. I let her down. I don't blame her for closing off and isolating herself for survival. I was worried I could not salvage the damage I had done. I am human, I make tons of mistakes and this is one I have indeed learned from.
Lately I try to pick up the phone, leave voicemails of you matter, ILY, I am here and I indeed have done a better job of LISTENING.
My friends mean so much to me they are a huge part of me and this friend in particular we have been friends since childhood. I hope to get the chance to repair the damage I have done. She is an amazing woman/Goddess and going through her darkest moments now and needs my ears just to vent, no judgements, no opinons just to listen. I WILL be her safe place to fall.
The vibes between us feel lightened and better I hope they will continue to grow. She is the world to me and I hope to prove it by being the amazing friend to her as she has been to me all these years.
Wish me luck...I have no where to go but up from here. Brighest Blessings Always )o(

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