Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovely Lavendar:

I had clicked over to the Domestic Witch's Blog this morning before work and noticed her giveaway about Lavendar.
To be honest about it....I was thrilled!
Not only for the opportunity to partake in her blog and giveaway but interested to see all the different ideas and suggestions/knowledge on Lavender so...drum roll please...Many thanks Domestic Witch for your wonderful creative ideas!
My take on Lavender....
It is simply relaxing & wonderful and the colors and smell are calming, soothing and perpetuate many subtle thoughts and moods.
It has inspired songs, names, Goddesses, teas, herbal remedies, spells, blessings, crafts, bedding sets, soaps, etc.
I have made a tub tea that contains lavender, sea salts, lavender oils, some grated orange peel and placed it in a lavender cloth pouch with a lavender ribbon. At the same time I have burned white or purple candles and used quiet relaxing melodies from a pre-made CD that contained nothing but certain Indian lullaby's for quietly meditating while soaking in the tub tea. I loved it...I usually do this about once or twice a year to refresh and revitalize myself.
If I don't pamper myself who will?!
I also had made myself a lavender sachet to place under my mattress while sleeping to help with creating a deep, peaceful sleep for myself. I can honestly say...I sleep so sound...I think it so, therefore it must work. LOL
Ruler: Venus
Type: Plant
Magickal form: flower, Oil
add it to other ingredients such as (rose or mint) to help with powerful love attraction formulas. One can use lavender, rose & lemon for Love healing. Mix it with Chamomile and drink as a tea to cure insomnia. Use it alone or add to bath water to calm the spirits. Burning dried lavender flowers with the herb Rue for protection rituals.
Noted from : The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by Lexa Rosean
I always refer to other items in my library and when I got this challenge I leaped into thumbing through my many books and this was one of the first I found. I also love to use lavender just as fresh cut flowers to display in my is a vision of beauty and the smells permeating in my home are lovely. I grow it in my garden.
I hope to learn more from everyone that participates and blogs about their knowledge and ideas on the subject.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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