Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain, Rain Pour today...

Today, as I have been praying for cooler weather...waiting on the predictions of afternoon storms I went thru my house thinking clearly on my intent.
I lit wonderful candles, incense and worked hurriedly but lovingly on dinner for my family tonite before I head out the door for work.
Then, a low key rumble in the distance....could it be?!
Yes!! I could see as I opened the door on the South side of my home...Black/Gray thunderclouds and the low welcoming sounds of thunder as it cracked amidst the sky.
I was sooooo happy I did a quick poem and would like to share:
Rain Rain welcome in today
Quietly, Quickly from up above
Showering me lovingly with your love.
The Goddess within my heart and soul reached out
You brought with you the cooling air about
I am ever so humbled and grateful for your beautiful show
Wrapping the water & air elements for me to gratefully give thanks and know.
From the drop, drop rhythm to your re birthing phase
The heat fading as I sing & write to you and give you your praise.
Today, of all days the rain she came quickly in to my aide
These are the small things I shall be grateful for and acknowledge within today.
From Mother Goddess to the Goddess within myself
I give thanks and honor your gifts from my wiccan altar shelf.
As all those you daily touch and guide
May the rhythm of life be your temple from the sky.
I am proud to be but your child today
Tomorrow who knows I could be a Wiccan Priestess if my path leads me that way
I am ever so humbled and love the sounds of your thunder
This is my Thanks to you I give under your wonderful rumble.
I prayed for gifts and you returned with love that I can hear and see...
This is my acknowledgement so mote it mote it mote it be....
I am ever so grateful and thankful times three.


  1. beautiful it. We could really use a nice cleansing around these neck of the woods. My flowers are looking a bit sad right now. and my allergies are not liking me at all.

  2. Beautiful poem. But all of your poems are beautiful.


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