Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Tarot: Strength

Strength + The Trial of the Journey
Struggles of Life makes us stronger. In some tarot decks the figure male/female is shown grappling with the lion or beast, in others she is simply shown to be gently leading him. Either way, it takes considerable effort & strength to get the final result....which is a controlled and safe lion.
This card represents inner strength and control. It takes much more strength to work out a compromise. True strength is found in honour & integrity. No matter how physically weak you are you can become the figure shown on this card by exhibiting strength of character, tolerance and discipline in yourself and with others. Also you need to represent yourself in truth of actions, life and convictions.
Acquire this strength by implementing this in yourself and all you hold dear, maintain your relationships by giving positive encouragements and embody the values contained by "The Lion Tamer".
~Personal Note~
I drew this as my first card when I started this Daily Tarot event for myself to better connect with my cards. I have come along way in how I decipher them and implement them into my life in such a short time. Although I sometimes wrestle with how to think of them or things in my life...I feel this card represents all I have achieved and what I still must remember to work on within myself.
I have daily struggles, but when I put them into perspective and relax and utilize some personal control over certain situations I can be a GODDESS and I am proud of that.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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  1. I believe that we are given the strength everyday to get thru whatever situation we face. Just enough too~since I never wish to take more than what is needed and only that in which I can give back. What a Very Strong and Positive card to pull. You must be well on your way and yes you are a GODDESS.....~Blessed Be~


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