Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcoming in Lammas....

Merry Meet my friends....this is the top of my altar it is a beautiful Black Ar moire and it sits in my front parlor...on top of it is a special cloth that is 2 sided that one of my very best friends stitched for me...on the other side of the cloth is an Egyptian print which I love, love, love. I decided that I would use the gold/wheat colored side of it today for celebrating Lammas.

I have a FEW of my books on top for quick reference...then my statue of Mother Goddess tree of life hanging above, along with an incense burner on the left of her as well. I placed my mortar and pestle on the altar to signify the grinding of herbs, grains and earthen products used in blessings. The incense to bring the Air element, my Basil from kitchen sill to ward of negativity and signify earth & water for me. Also I lit a beautiful Gold candle for the Golden sun...a few stones...quartz and arrowhead...then my red chalice of Ale to bring forth water and it contained hops and golden owl bell to ring in the homemade Banana nut bread on my purple pentacle to give thanks and represent the harvest and my spirit of love for the Goddess/Gods...and of course I couldn't resist to place my "Earth Mother" Venus of Willendorf I love her most of all...she is so representational of the curvy beautiful woman.
I wanted to open up a bit and show you these things that matter so much to me and that I have been collecting and lovingly show casing in my home. I am sooo proud...

these of course are full views of my besom and other precious items ...I have journals...candle baskets...cloth baskets...herb baskets...and my wand and such inside..I am so very proud of who I am and what I consist of as a being. This is what I love and where I feel at peace. It just started years and years ago as a small top of a chest of drawers in my bedroom.
Many thanks for taking the time to look and read what I write, it matters so much to me. May you always find the witch within you...WITCH such a powerful word. It inspires, creates, moves magick and loves and years ago Witch meant WISE ONE. I hope I am living up to that and honoring the Goddess within me. I look forward to our journey together my friend. Brightest Blessings )o(.


  1. I have that EXACT same armoire in my bedroom! :) I love that you're using it for you altar space and really enjoyed the tour of your space. Thank you so much for sharing your sacred space.

  2. Great minds think alike! :) I love my armoire I got it at Target...LOL


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