Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Tarot: The Fool

The Fool: The Beginning of a Journey
The fool is the Ultimate beginning, if you notice he is careless and carefree, enjoying his day not watching his footing and just going with how he feels right then.
The Sun at his back, his companion at his ankles lapping at him excitedly and enjoying the outing. The Fool is physically there, but mentally he is daydreaming about what is to be or what will be. The future is not set. He by all accounts will Go right over that edge of the Cliff? journey?
Or is it? Is it what it appears?
Sometimes in life, we must embark on that strange, vast expanse before us and have a moment where we quit OVER THINKING everything and just go with it...enjoy it for what it is and just be in the moment....the Journey. This is how new Universes are discovered, new ideals are created, new inventions are made.
The Blessing of the Fool card is a daring heroism that brings in astonishing results against all the odds. Its about letting go...taking that leap of freedom no matter how scary or unknowing that end result may be.
I find this a culmination for me of yesterday's events. Not only did my son return to finish his Schooling 2 hours away from me. . . against all my instincts to KEEP him. :)
But, My 20 year old also informed me she will be moving out and into an apartment with some of her closest friends...taking that Initial leap away from me as well.
Normally, I would still be bawling...I love and adore my kids I was always one of those soccer, PTA, homeroom, girl scout/cub scout leader moms'.
But I realize...this is THEIR paths, their choices, their lives. I am but a guardian for them & I must leap over that EDGE and trust that I have placed myself and them right where we should be.
This is the BEGINNING of another journey for me....My life...with ME. Getting to know who I am, what I want, How I feel. I matter and I need to know all about ME. This should be an amazing beginning and one I refuse to be sad about. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and they will be home for a small break at the holidays, but....I am excited to get I will grab my knapsack, hiking stick and my lovely companion at my heels, I will welcome my new destination and take that terrifying leap because I truly believe it is this moment for me now that is my next BEGINNING.
Brightest Blessings Always )o(

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  1. I can so relate to this post. Even though I will still have three children at home with me, it is definitely a time of change for all of us. The children at home do not seem to mind that the oldest has moved out and that the next will be going to college in a few weeks. It hasn't hit me yet I don't think that my baby will be four plus hours away from me. I will get thru it, and hopefully she will make it and do as she has been taught- but inevitably the decisions will be hers to make as well as the consequences of those decisions. Thank you for your comment on my blog and I look forward to our many conversations to come.


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