Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daily Tarot: THE STAR

The Star

The Inspiration of the Journey

The woman with little or no clothing on in many tarot decks is used to represent the mind, the unconscious or the soul. The water flowing from the erns she is holding represents the ebb and flow of life, health, movement and change.

Behind her is the tree of life, or in some decks as she is here, she is watering the tree of life. Behind her is a giant star which reminds us of the Great Divine and Shining so from up above helps us to realize the infinite universe. This card with her many symbols is supposed to remind us that the great divine is all around us....encouraging, inspiring and motivating us forward from our tasks that may or may not bear fruit.

This card implies that you LISTEN to the inspirations that come from within you. You are the GODDESS. You have everything you need to achieve your desires. GO FOR IT: don't wait a minute longer. But the star also holds a sure where you place your energies and time. What is the use of pouring water on water?

But if you put that same water on would bear fruit in the right place at the right time. YOU hold all the hold all the cards.

~Personal to me~

This card is really wonderful for me today...lately I have been flowing back and forth between the wands, pentacles and whatever my position is tends to be further down the journey which I know this is true. I have had alot of movement in my home life and my relationship with my kids, even my friends and fiance'. I have everything I my disposal I AM FOLLOWING my instincts and it is paying off...I am recognized at work daily with my supervisors I am being treated wonderfully by my fiance and I am bringing forward a better friendship daily with my friends by working really hard at being a better friend myself. My kids are starting to appreciate my hard work and caring for them these past 20 years and starting to check on me and be there for me a bit more by wonderful phone calls. I am doing beautifully and keeping to my path...where this is water, land and opportunity there is I am waiting for my garden to grow and bring forth the fruit of my hard labor.


  1. I can taste the sweetness of all that fruit. Keep planting, pruning and harvesting the rewards that are due you. Hard work always pays off in one way or another. Bless you, Guardian....Angie (Onreeone)

  2. Thanks so much Angie for all of your kind words, it means a ton.
    Brightest Blessings....*Stephanie(Guardian)


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