Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Tarot: The Empress

The Empress
The Conception of the Journey
Season: Springtime
Time: Early Morning
The Empress is a ruler, superior to all Queens, yet she is down to earth, concerned for her land and for her people.
Despite her stature she actually owns very little in her own name.
Her message here is to be happy with what you HAVE.
Take notice and realize what you have already around you in abundance.
Cherish it, nurture it and allow it to mature and support you.
The Empress rules in the realm of clean living, she blooms with health and fertility. See her as the fruitful union from the High Priestess and the Magician. She symbolizes both the harvest and the conception within that must be nurtured and birthed.
She is Grounded, Centered, stable and supporting.
To help you discover her think of flowers, plants and gardening. Meditate on real meanings in your life, what it means to have everything you need and be truly satisfied. True Contentment comes from within.
It would be fantastic if you won the lottery or inherited some amazing amount of money, but in reality it won't happen like that, but if you quit WANTING MORE and realize what you have within is more than any monetary gain and to fully appreciate that and accept it. You will have all your TRUE heart desires and All you should ever need.
~Personal Note~
Lately as my life has been culminating towards this wonderful stage..both kids embarking on their journeys and my advancing relationship with my fiance'...the advancements at work...I realize....I HAVE everything I have needed. I finally seem at peace within myself. Since my divorce I worried about getting more, stable and such then I just seem to push, push, push myself into worries and what is next when I realized during this Daily Tarot It is already there, it is ME...I am FINE.
I have hit this weird place...of Contentment.
My best friend came by work today to bring me a LOVELY new altar cloth...she commented that I seem HAPPY...finally and more...calmer...
I am...I love who I am and look forward to the Goddess I have yet to phase into as needed.
I am where I need to be doing what I should.
What is funnier is I am OCD terribly and to draw the Empress....Residing in the realm of CLEAN living...ROFLMAO
I am the woman up at 2am with a toothbrush scrubbing bathroom. Weird huh? but it calms me.
I won't get too personal here....that is for my other blog, but as a survivor of childhood abuse...I realized many moons ago that to "Control my environment" gives me a sense of CONTROL I lost as a child. So, it works for "Cheap" therapy. :)
I look in the mirror and I am at peace with the Empress within...I shall go and reap what I have sewn and be content.
Brightest Blessings )o(

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